I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics at Towson University. In 2013/2014, I am on leave from Towson; I hold a Shelly Visiting Associate Professor position at Carnegie Mellon University.

My main area of research is model theory. Model theory is a branch of mathematical logic that aims to analyse classes of mathematical structures; the term "model" in this context means "mathematical object" (for example, a vector space, a field of real or complex numbers, a bipartite graph, etc.).

At Towson, I continue working on model theory questions (I mention some of them in the Research section of the website). I have also directed a number of student research projects in a wide range of areas of pure and applied mathematics.

In my teaching, I like to take advantage of the recent developments in education technology. I have installed a WeBWorK server at Towson University, one of many throughout the country. I highly recommend the system; it is great for the routine exercises that require technical skills.