Media & Disability Interest Group
2000 Research Papers

“The Disabled and Promoting Census 2000: A Key Target or Lost in the Crowd?” by Louella Benson-Garcia, Pepperdine University

“Hoddle’s Twaddle: Defining Disability through British Sports Coverage” by Beth A. Haller, Towson University, and Sue Ralph, University of Manchester, UK

“Missing in Action? Images of Disability in Sports Illustrated for Kids” by Marie Hardin, Florida Southern College; Brent Hardin, Florida State University; Susan Lynn, Florida State University; and Kristi Walsdorf, Valdosta State University

“Expanding Journalism Students’ Notions of ‘Diversity’: Inclusion of Disability Issues in News Reporting Textbooks” by Ann E. Preston, Quincy University, and Marie Hardin, Florida Southern University

"Technology and the Knowledge Gap: Two Barriers to Distance Education for the Person with a Disability" by Jeffrey A. John, Wright State University