Media & Disability Interest Group
2003 Research Papers

"Promoting Disability-Friendly Campuses to Prospective Students: An Analysis of University Recruitment Materials," Beth Haller, Towson

"Running With Ritalin: Magazine Portrayals of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder"
Tiffany S. Johnson and Bryan E. Denham, Clemson

*"Invisible, Unnoticed or Idolized: Disability Education Coverage in McCall’s and Good Housekeeping,"  Alexis Walters, Drake
"Don't label me: The stigmatizing portrayal of mental illness on U.S. television," Mija Shin, Seungjo Lee and Annie Lang, Indiana

"The trend toward hyper-marginalization: Images of disability on prime time television," Jennifer Jacobs Henderson, Trinity

"Portrayal of people with disabilities in prime-time TV dramas in Japan," Shinichi Saito & Reiko Ishiyama, Seijo University-Japan

        * Winner of the John S. Clogston Memorial Award for Top Student Paper