Media & Disability Interest Group
1993 Research Papers

Mediated Service to People with Disabilities

"Captioning at Illinois Television News Stations"
K. Flowers
Northern Illinois University

"Virtual Reality: The Promise of a Brave New World for those with Disabilities"
Jack A. Nelson
Brigham Young University

"The Diffusion of Information in Assistive Technology Internationally
to People with Disabilities"
Michael Smith
Taylor University

People with Disabilities in News Columns and Newsrooms

"Changes in Coverage Patterns of Disability Issues
in Three Major American Newspapers"
John S. Clogston
Northern Illinois University

"Integrating the Student with a Disability into Student Media"
Jeffrey Alan John
Wright State University

"More than Stylebooks and Political Correctness:
Societal Effects of Media Coverage of Persons with Disabilities"
Laura J. Miller
Iowa State University