Media & Disability Interest Group
1994 Research Papers

Enablement Through Structural and Technological Innovation

"Satisfaction with Assistive Technology and Media Use
by Deaf Residents of Northern Illinois"
John S. Clogston
Northern Illinois University

"How JMC Education Rates in Its Efforts to Sensitize Students to Ableism Issues"
Tom Dickson
Southwest Missouri State University

"The Virtual Community: A Place for the No-Longer-Disabled"
Jack A. Nelson
Brigham Young University

"About the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me. . .
Journalism and the Peculiar Opportunity' of the Disabled"
Alf Pratte
Brigham Young University

Media Framing of Disability Issues through News and Editorial Coverage

"Crawling toward Civil Rights: A Qualitative Study of Media Coverage of Disability Activism"
Beth Haller
Towson University

"Editorial Page References to People with Disabilities: Changes over 15 Years"
William C. Porter and Rebecca Farnsworth
Brigham Young University

"How the Local and Provincial Press in Britain Reported the Relaunch of Mencap:
Changing Images of Learning Disabilities"
Sue Ralph
University of Manchester, U.K.
Jenny Corbett
University of East London, U.K.