Media & Disability Interest Group
1996 Research Papers

The Image of Disability in Media

"Disability Magazines:
The Search for Identity and Empowerment"
Jack Nelson
Brigham Young University

"Positive Images of the Disabled in Television Advertising:
Effects on Attitudes toward the Disabled"
Olan Farnall
Iowa State University

"Disability and Chronic Illness in Children's Literature"
S. Chris Saad
University of Pennsylvania

Exclusion and Opposition: Struggle for Rights

"Game Show Exclusion of People with Disabilities:
Discrimination or Dumb Luck?"
Ann Preston, Shannon VanHorn, and Mavis Richardson
North Dakota State University

"The Time was Ripe:
The Great Society Era and Development of Closed Captioned Television"
Mark Heil Borchert
University of Colorado

"Balancing Acts:
Disability, Government, and Business Sources in News Coverage of the ADA"
Beth Haller
Towson University