Media & Disability Interest Group
1999 Research Papers

A Virtual Community of Disability

"The media's role in building the disability community"
Jack A. Nelson, Brigham Young University

"Wrestling with stereotypes: Images of the mentally ill in the WWF"
Marie Hardin, Florida Southern College
& Brent Hardin, Florida State University

"Creating a virtual television culture: Using actors and models to reflect desired perceptions in primetime television advertising"
Dennis Ganahl, Southern Illinois University

Disability Imagery and Impact

"Print advertising images of the disabled:
Exploring the impact on nondisabled consumer attitudes"
Zenaida Sarabie Panol, Southwest Texas State
& Michael McBride, Southwest Texas State

"Disability visibility: Cartoon depictions of Bob Dole"
Gene Burd, University of Texas

"Kevorkian convicted: A semiotic analysis of editorial cartoons, "
Ann Preston, Quincy University

"Investigating media influence on attitudes toward people with disabilities and euthanasia,"
Kimberly A. Lauffer, University of Florida
& Sarah Bembry, University of Florida