Bylaws of the Disability Issues Caucus of the National Communication Association

Article I: Name

The following organization shall henceforth be called the “Disability Issues Caucus.”  It will be referred to as the “Caucus” for the remainder of these bylaws.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this organization is to promote scholarship engaging issues of disability and communication.

Article III: Membership

Members of the Caucus must be members of the National Communication Association (NCA) and should identify their affiliation to the Caucus when paying dues to NCA.

Article IV: Definitions

Six or more members of the Caucus at an NCA designated meeting must be present at a meeting for a quorum to exist.

Unless otherwise specified, the phrase “majority of the Caucus” refers to a majority vote of those members present at the meeting in which the vote occurs.

Article V: Officers

At minimum, the Caucus will have a NCA Representative, Chair, Vice Chair, Vice Chair-Elect, and Secretary.  The NCA Representative, Chair, and Vice Chair will assume their offices according to the order of succession outlined in Article VI.  The Vice Chair-Elect and Secretary will be elected by a majority of the Caucus at the annual convention of the NCA, following the procedures outlined in Article VIII.

Additional Temporary Officers required for the operation of the Caucus may be elected by a majority of the Caucus without amendment to these Bylaws.  The Chair may appoint a Temporary Officer when necessary to fill a vacancy or otherwise address an emergency situation.

Officers may resign their positions or vacate them by death, but Officers may not be removed except by a majority vote of the Caucus.

All Officers must be Caucus members.

Excepting the Secretary and the NCA Representative, the Officers shall serve a term of the duration between their election or the beginning of the NCA convention at which they assume office and the beginning of the next NCA convention.

The Secretary shall serve a special term from beginning to the Annual Business Meeting in the year after the Secretary’s election until the Secretary distributes the minutes of the subsequent Annual Business Meeting.

The NCA Representative shall serve a special two year term from the beginning of the NCA convention at which they assume office until the beginning of the second NCA convention after that.

Article VI: Duties and Responsibilities of the Officers

The NCA Representative shall represent the Caucus at official NCA functions and meetings.  The NCA Representative in the second year of her or his term shall vote for the Caucus in Legislative Assembly meetings, except when that representative is unable to attend or already votes as an at-large member or representative of another unit.  In that case, the NCA representative in the first year or her or his term will vote for the Caucus in the Legislative Assembly.

The Chair shall establish agendas for and preside over Caucus meetings, maintain control of the Caucus treasury, oversee the operation of all committees, and appoint Temporary Officers when needed.  The Chair shall assume the Office of NCA Representative when the Representative’s term expires or when the Representative otherwise vacates the office.

The Vice Chair shall be responsible for engaging in the activities and completing the duties associated with planning for the NCA conference of the coming year.  The Vice Chair shall assume the Office of Chair when the Chair’s term expires or when the Chair otherwise vacates the office.

The Vice Chair-Elect shall assist the Vice Chair as necessary and prepare for the Office of Chair by becoming familiar with these bylaws.  The Vice Chair-Elect shall assume the Office of Vice Chair when the Vice Chair’s term expires or when the Vice Chair otherwise vacates the office.

The Secretary will record the minutes at each meeting and distribute copies of the minutes to all members prior to the next meeting.

Article VII: Meetings

Except in extraordinary circumstances, the Caucus will hold its Annual Business Meeting every year at the annual convention of NCA.  Members are encouraged, but not required, to attend this meeting.

Article VIII: Elections

Any office that will not be filled by the order of succession established in Article VI will be filled by election at the Annual Business Meeting.  Members present at the Annual Business Meeting will nominate candidate for those offices to be filled by election.  Self-nominations are allowed.  Members may refuse nomination and should be consulted about their willingness to perform prior to the election.  Members may be nominated in absentia as long as their willingness to perform can be ascertained.

Nominees will be elected to office by a majority vote of those members present at the meeting.

The Chair will only vote in the case of a tie and will announce the results of the election before the close of the meeting.

Article IX: Committees

The Caucus will have the power to establish committees as deemed necessary by a majority of the Caucus.  Committees should report their progress and activities at each Annual Business Meeting.  Committees will exercise broad discretion over their own operation, but the Chair will oversee committee procedure, leadership, and membership when necessary.  All actions by committees on behalf of the Caucus should be approved by a majority of the Caucus.

Article X: Amendments

Any member may propose an amendment to these bylaws by submitting a text of that amendment to the other members.  The proposed amendment must be seconded by at least one other member.

Once a proposed amendment has been submitted and seconded, the Chair will call for a vote.

If the amendment is approved by a majority of the Caucus, the Chair will announce the passage of the amendment and, in timely fashion, submit a revised copy of the Bylaws to each member.

Unless otherwise specified, the approved amendment will go into effect immediately.

Approved November 22, 2002.