Caucus on Disability Issues
1997 Research Papers

Lessons from the Past and Perspectives on the Future:
Communication and Disability Research

"Research on Communication and Disability: The Way We Were"
Teresa L. Thompson
University of Dayton

"Communication and Disability Research: A Productive Past and Bright Future"
Dawn O. Braithwaite
Arizona State University West

"Expanding Diversity and Inclusion: Addressing the Needs of the Disabled Culture in the University"
John Smith
University of Ohio

"Images of Disability in News Media: Implications for Further Research"
Beth Haller
Towson University

"Interability Communication Across Contexts: From Face to Face in Cyberspace"
Susan Fox
Western Michigan University

From the Margins to the Center: Disability, Culture and Discourse

"Redefinition or Remarginalization of People with Disabilities?:
A Critical Analysis of Difference as Culture"
Kathryn A. Wiss
Western Connecticut State University

"The Spiral Staircase: Women and Disability in Film"
Maddy Cahill
Westfield State University

"In the Eyes of the Beholder:
How Women with Disabilities 'Read' the Texts of Women's Popular Magazines"
Marie Westhaver
University College of Cape Breton

Disability, Employment, and the Centrality of Communication Research

"The Real World Connection between Classroom and Workplace: Do Teacher-student Interactions Impact Expectations of Nonverbal Behaviors in the Workplace for Applicants with Physical Disabilities"
David Worley
Indiana State University

"Restricting Choice and Perpetuating Prejudice:
The Effects of Mindless Communication of Providers
on Consumers with Mental and/or Physical Disabilities"
Rebecca Bruflat
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

"The Consequences of Disclosing Information
about Your Disability During the Employment Interview"
Kelly Herold
Winona State University

"A Rhetorical Examination of Deaf Power
Grounded in the American with Disabilities Act:
Is an Interpreter a Reasonable Accommodation"
Kara L. Shultz
Bloomsburg University

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