Call for Papers: 
2004 Convention in Chicago

The Disability Caucus invites program proposals and research papers exploring any aspect of issues related to disability and communication, and it especially encourages programs that will promote participation by people with disabilities. The Caucus invites innovative or alternative formats as well as more traditional paper and panel presentations.

Program proposals should include title and rationale for the program, full identification of all participants [name, affiliation, address, E-mail address and telephone for each], abstracts of each participant's contribution, and a statement committing all proposedparticipants to attend should the program be accepted. Five copies of all proposals and papers should be postmarked by February 15, 2004.

All proposals for the 2004 convention should be submitted online via the NCA web site to the designated program planner, whose name is below.


Designated program planner:
Joy Cypher
Rowan College
Phone: 856-256-4771

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