These publications are no longer in existence. If you have additional information about them, please contact Charlie Winston at 573-445-7656.


Year *

* All publications on list are no longer publishing

Brief Description
Accent on Living / Cheever Publishing / Bloomington, IL
4-color magazine, 96 pages, 6X4-inch size
General lifestyle magazine for PWD
Access Review / Sensory Access Foundation
Magazine, 28 pages, B&W, Quarterly
To disseminate info on access technology for people who are blind or visually impaired
Access to Travel / ADMIX Publishing / Delmar, NY
4-color Magazine, 32 pages, Quarterly, $4.50
Travel magazine for PWD
Access USA News / Roadrunner Publishing / Crystal Lake, IL 
4-color Tabloid newspaper, 32 pages, B&W, Quarterly 
Professional newspaper that has all news about PWD, including AP stories.
Achievement, The National Voice of the Disabled / C. J. Lampos, 

N. Miami, FL

Tabloid, 8-24 pages, Monthly, B&W 
Info and encouragement for PWD in S. Florida and the Nation
Action Digest / Invacare sponsored and Disability Writes Inc. published it / Columbus, OH 
1992(years in collection)
Magazine, 18 pages, B&W, 6x a year
News & info for active PWD and those who work with them
Able-Together / Able-Together Inc. / San Francisco, CA
Magazine, 52 pages, B&W, Quarterly
Publication for bi-sexual/gay men with/without disabilities
ALIVE / Klink Inc. / New Rochelle, NY
Magazine, 32 pages, B&W, Quarterly until 1998; 1999=Tabloid newspaper, 28 pages, B&W,
Lifestyle magazine for PWD
The Altered State / partially funded by National Technical Assistance Center for State Mental Health Planning / Alexandria, VA 
Magazine, 28 pages, B&W, Quarterly 
Literary magazine for people with mental illness
ASHA Leader / American Speech Language and Hearing Association / Rockville, MD
1995 -1999?
Tabloid newspaper, Monthly, 2 sections 16 pages each, B&W
For Speech Language and Hearing professionals
Alive & Kicking / AIDS activities coordinating office of the Philadelphia Dept. Of Public Health
Tabloid newspaper, Monthly, 32 pages each, B&W
The monthly newsletter and calendar of We the People Living with AIDS/HIV of the Delaware Valley Inc.
Assistive Technology News / Technical Communications / Sterling, VA
1993- 1997?
4-color Tabloid newspaper, 28 pages, 10 times a year
The employer’s newspaper for disabled employees, which focuses on assistive technology
Care / Sherwood Publishing Co./ Jacksonville, FL 
Magazine, 58 pages, B&W, Quarterly 
The quarterly newsmagazine about caregiving, research, education and treatment of HIV/AIDS
Challenge / Challenge Magazine / Rochester, NY
4-color magazine, 62 pages, semi-monthly 
Dedicated to the needs, feelings, and desires of PWD and to the people who care about them.
The Community Ear, Portland, Oregon
Tabloid, Monthly, 2 sections 16 pages each, B&W, $2 per issue 
The Voice of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Oregon, Nationwide
DCARA News / Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency / San Leandro, CA
?-Jan. 1994
Tabloid newspaper, B&W,16 pages, 9 times a year
A publication of the Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency in California
Deaf Nation / WebbyNation Inc. / Silver Spring, MD
4-color newspaper, 28 pages, monthly
National newspaper for deaf people
Different Times / Vonne Worth / Seattle, WA
Tabloid newspaper, B&W, 8 pages, Bi-monthly
The disability newspaper dedicated to the proposition that all are created different but equal
Disabilities Digest / Peggy Gardner / Cinncinnati, OH 
4-color magazine, $4.75, Bi-monthly, 48 pages
Reader’s Digest style reprints of disability articles
Disability Benefits in Brief / Rehab Info / Iola, WI
1992 - 1996
Spot-color newsletter, 8 pages
A consumer newsletter to inform PWD, professional and advocates about Social Security disability benefit programs
Disabled Dealer Magazine (Minnesota, Southeast, Georgia, Michigan, )
1999-2001(years in collection)
Newsprint Shopper for disability products, 24 pages, B& W
Adaptive resource guide. Franchised in different states.
Disability Life / / Homer Page / Aurora, CO /
May 1999 - 2000
4-color Magazine, 52 pages, 2 per year
Magazine for PWD, their family, friends, and members of the general public who are interested in the disability community.
Disabled Outdoors Magazine / John Kopchik Jr. / Chicago, Ill.
Magazine, B&W, 32 pages, 2 per year
For sportsmen with disabilities
Disabled USA / President’s Committee on the Employment of the Handicapped
Magazine, B&W, 38 pages, 2 per year
Reports on progress and opportunities for “handicapped workers”
Down Syndrome Today / Down Syndrome Publications / Holtsville, NY
1992 (years in collection)
Magazine, 36 pages, B&W, Quarterly, $5 
Non-profit magazine for the Down syndrome community
Employment in the Mainsteam / Mainstream Inc., Takoma Park, MD

Absorbed into The Rehabilitation Professional &

Magazine, 30 pages, B&W 
Bringing together the disability, employer, and rehabilitation communities in one publication.
Enable Magazine, AAPD
4-color magazine, $4.50, Quarterly
The official magazine of the AAPD, a national, nonprofit organization in Washington, D.C. 
Enable Pennsylvanians Magazine / PA OfficeofVocational Rehabilitation and HIS Communications / Carlisle, PA
4-color magazine, 32 pages, 6 times a year, advertising based
Info for PWD, businesses, government, product service providers, and others
Encore / National Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped / Washington, D.C.
Bi-monthly record; Circulation: 1807
Focus is for library users
Family Focus / National Kidney Foundation / Kansas City, MO
Tabloid newspaper, B&W, 16 pages, Bi-monthly
The renal community’s newspaper
HiP Magazine / HiP Publishing Group / Berkeley, CA
Color Tabloid Newspaper / 8 pages, B&W
Magazine for hearing impaired kids
Horizons, / James Storrs, / Gambrills, MD
May 1987-1998
Tabloid Newspaper /16-24 pages, Monthly, B&W
News by and for People with Disabilities, Serving Virginia, Maryland, & Washington, DC
The Independent / Center for Independent Living / Berkeley, CA
1972 - 1981?
B&W magazine, 32 pages, Quarterly?
A new voice for PWD, published by Berkeley CIL
The Itinerary / Robert & Elizabeth Zywicki / Bayonne, NJ
B&W magazine, 26 pages, 6x a year
“The” magazine for travelers with physical disabilities
Just Use It / Missouri Assistive Technology Project /

Independence, MO

Spot color newsletter, 6 pages, Quarterly
Newsletter of the Missouri Assistive Technology Project 
Lifeprints / Blindskills Inc. / Salem, OR
B&W magazine, 60 pages, Quarterly, Free
Large print news/ information for people who are visually impaired.
Mainstream / Exploding Myths Inc. / San Diego, CA
4-color magazine, Monthly, advertising based
Lifestyle magazine for PWD
The Mental Health American / Paul Weaver / Washington, DC
Fall 2000 (years in collection)
4-color Tabloid Newspaper / 16 pages, Quarterly, 
Newspaper produced by mental health consumers for mental health consumers, professionals, government officials, and general public.
Missouri Focus / Missouri Head Injury Association / Jefferson City, MO
1993-1994 (years in collection)
Tabloid Newspaper / 16 pages, Monthly, B&W
Publication of the Missouri Head Injury Association 
MonTech / Montana University-Affliliated Rural Institute on Disabilities 
1993-1994 (years in collection)
Tabloid Newspaper / 16 pages, Quarterly, B&W
Publication of Montana’s Technology-related assistance program for PWD
Moving Forward, The National Newspaper for PWD / Aziz Unlimited / Torrance, CA 
Tabloid Newspaper / 40 pages, Quarterly, B&W
Professional newspaper that has all news about PWD, including AP stories.
The National Focus / Southwest Focus Communications / Phoenix, AZ 
Tabloid Newspaper / 24 pages, Bi-monthly, B&W
The newspaper for disabilities issues, lifestyles, & the future
National Hookup / Albany, NY / Indoor Sports Club
May 1988

(years in collection)

Tabloid Newspaper / 8 pages, 6 times a year, B&W
Official publication of the Indoor Sports Club, a national organization for physically disabled
The Nevada Informer / Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disability / Reno, NV
Tabloid Newspaper / 10 pages, Quarterly, B&W
Compilation of reprinted articles from other newspapers on disability issues
Newswaves for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing People/ Willard Publication / Rochester, NY 
Tabloid Newspaper / 36 pages, Monthly, B&W, $2
Professional newspaper that has all news about deaf people, including AP stories.
No Limits! A magazine for the active disabled / Challenged Publications / Scott McDonald, Meadow Vista, CA.
Prospectus magazine. One issue to try to get advertising
B&W magazine, 40 pages, 
Only one issue, which had stories on therapeutic riding and Disabled Sports USA.
One Step Ahead/ Evan Kemp Associates
Tabloid Newspaper /20-24 pages, Monthly, color pix
The resource for active, healthy, independent living
OSERS, News in Print / Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation 
B&W magazine, 30 pages, Quarterly, Free
U.S. Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation publication
OT Week / American OT Association / Bethesda, MD
B&W magazine, 56 pages, Quarterly,
Weekly news magazine of the American OT Association 
Outdoors Forever / Dan Robbins/ East Lansing, MI
B&W magazine, 20 pages, Quarterly
Making the outdoors accessible to all.
Perspectives in Education and Deafness / Gallaudet University 
1995 (years in collection)
4-color magazine, 26 pages, 5 times a year
Publication on pre-college programs at Gallaudet University 
The Perspectives Network / TPN Inc. / Mobile, AL 
B&W magazine, 26 pages, Quarterly
Opening the doors of communication about brain injury
A positive approach / Millville, NJ
B&W magazine, 64 pages, Quarterly
A national Christian magazine for people with physical challenges, emphasizing on the needs of those with stroke, amputation & spinal-cord injuries
Preview / Gallaudet University 
1996 (years in collection)
B&W magazine, 26 pages, 3 times a year
Publication on pre-college programs at Gallaudet University 
Rehab Report / Intertec PRIMEDIA Publishing / Malibu, CA 
4-color Magazine, 48 pages, Bi-monthly 
For business leaders and professionals in rehabilitation
Social Policy / Union Institute / NYC
B&W magazine, 66 pages, Quarterly
Journal for social scientists and academics on social policy issues.
The Source, Family Publications of Wisconsin
Tabloid Newspaper /12-28 pages, Monthly, B&W
News for People with Disabilities, Serving Wisconsin, N. Illinois. Also in Texas. Tried to franchise nationwide.
Sundial / Schepens Eye Research Institute, Harvard University / Cambridge, MA
4-color magazine, 34 pages
For supporters of the Schepens Eye Research Institute and others with an interest in eye health and visual science.
Technology Update / Sensory Access Foundation
Magazine, 28 pages, B&W, Bi-monthly
A bi-monthly consumer’s guide to technology for people who are blind or visually impaired
Tuesday’s Child / Lynne Martens / Ft. Collins, CO
4-color magazine, 44 pages, 
For parents of kids with disabilities, educators, administrators, teachers, Ots, Pts, and organizations
The Unlimited Horizons / Elliott (eu) Gene Chase/ Fort Worth, TX
Tabloid Newspaper / 8 pages, Monthly, B&W
Information for PWD
The Voice of the Disabled / The Voice of the Disabled, Omaha, Nebraska. 
1990-91 (years in collection)
Tabloid Newspaper /8-16 pages, Monthly, B&W
Serving the Heartland’s Disabled Community, Nebraska
The Voice of the Physically Challenged 
April 1989 (years in collection)
Tabloid Newspaper /16 pages, Monthly, B&W
New York’s only newspaper dedicated to the interests of the physically disabled
We magazine / Jerome Belson / We Media 
4-color magazine, $3.95, 122 pages
A lifestyle magazine for PWD, their families, and friends
Worklife / President’s Committee on the Employment of the Handicapped
4-color Magazine, 50 pages, Quarterly
Reports on information of interest to employers and PWD seeking employment