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Bridget Z. Sullivan - Professor - Director Interactive Media Design Center

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Department of Art+Design, Art History, Art Education, Center for the Arts 4023
Towson University, 8000 York Road, Towson, MD 21252
t. 410/704.2802 + f. 410/704.2810
im & skype: bzsnbmore + twitter @bzsnbmore + second life: bee Zimminy

Spring 2014 - January 27 - May 20, 2014

Note to all incoming students: you may access the Blackboard course on 1/27/14. Please follow the links below for a printable versions the appropriate syllabus.
Interactive Media Design graduate students please review information about Web2.0 applications.

ART641 Interactive Media Concept and Theory

  • syllabus ART641

ART620 Graduate Typography

  • syllabus ART620

IAMD Web2.0 applications

Class format/office hours
These are fifteen week online courses. There are no face-2-face meetings in the classes however 1 afternoon a week (Tuesdays 1:30-2:30 pm) starting at 1:30 pm the professor will meet with students in using the webinar interface WebEx. All students are encouraged to attend at least two WebEx meetings during the semester, and check in with the professor. Instructions on the use of WebEx are in the corresponding Blackboard course sites. You can also stop by my office during this time - Center for the Arts building room 4023. If this time is not convenient please e-mail for an appointment.

Another option: Meet me in Second Life at the Towson Innovation Lab island Monday nights between 8:30 - 9:00 pm Eastern Time.

NOTE: meeting me in SL will require that you have downloaded Second Life, initiated an account. For complete information and an active link see Getting Started in SL in BB>Course Information for instructions.
If you need to speak with me privately you can e-mail me for a phone call appointment.

To earn an "A" in these courses it is recommend that you set aside 8-12 hours a week to complete all course reading, video tutorials and course activites. Professor and students do not have traditional face-2-face meetings for this course, however the time commitment is equivalent to to a traditional 15 week semester long course:

Normal 15 week semester

  • Studio course 4 contact hours per week x 15 weeks = 60 hours of classtime
  • Outside work to be completed by student to earn an A = 4 hours per week x 15 weeks = 60 hours
  • Number of hours per semester TOTAL= 120 hours or 8 hours per week (minimum)

about Professor Sullivan

Bridget Z. Sullivan
is an Professor of Interactive Media Design in the Department of Ar+Design, Art History, Art Education at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. Her area of focus includes multimedia and web design. Prof. Sullivan is the program director and lead project developer in the creation of the fully online graduate certificate in Interactive Media Design at Towson University. Her research also includes the creation of digital artworks that she has published and exhibited nationally. Prof. Sullivan’s digital artworks have been awarded two Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist’s Grants: in the Photography category for computer generated digital images and in the New Genre category for computer generated virtual reality environments.
SIGUCCS awarded Prof. Sullivan’s ART100 - Using Visual Information Effectively - online course the distinction of Best Overall Winner in the Electronic Instructional Classroom Materials category for the SIGUCCS CommAwards. Prof. Sullivan completed her M.F.A. in Studio Art at Towson University and her B.F.A. in Photography at the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.

Second Life Research and Teaching Activities VR conference held in NMC SL Campus 01/16/08 Since the spring of 2008 the Interactive Media Design Certificate Program has held course activities in Second Life. Students create an avatar (a 3-D game profile) in the online Second Life 3-D virtual environment. The objective is to offer classroom events and activities in the Second Life environment in order to expose students to the development of online virtual environments as potential business and educational destinations. The inclusion of SL activities in Interactive Media Design courses provides students with an opportunity to experience and analyze a 3-D virtual reality environment first hand. Students immerse themselves in the 3-D SL interactive environment to more fully understand the impact of 3-D simulated environments on current and future trends in interactive media design.


QM symbolART610, ART620, ART641 and ART365/765 recognized by Quality Matters All four of Professor Sullivan's IAMD online courses have been recognized as meeting Quality Matters™ review standards. The Quality Matters™ program is a faculty-centered peer course review quality assurance process for online learning. Review criteria are linked to external standards; criteria and process are supported through instructional design principles; and the process is vetted by faculty experts. Quality Matters is sponsored by MarylandOnline and was funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education.


Bridget Z. Sullivan artist's statement

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My art making process attempts to escape the everyday chatter of my temporal mind and find a way back to my ancestral mind. Overall, the direction of my work is an exploration of the human relationship to the Earth ecosphere.

Increasingly, we as a culture have become separated from our natural environment. Our experience of nature has been reduced to watching film footage of the wilderness on TV, and looking at roadside views as we drive to our next indoor activity. We are entranced by the weather channel, and rely on quasi meteorologists to interpret radar and satellite images of the earth so that we will know if we should take an umbrella with us in the morning. Our relationship with our natural environment is changing, radically changing; skewing our understanding of our place in the natural Order of the Earth and jeopardizing the survival of our fellow Earth inhabitants and ourselves.

My digital art pieces describe issues of fertility, the struggle for continued survival of the Earth and its inhabitants, and the preciousness of resources such as Water for health and survival for all living things.

Fortunately for us Nature is the Great Healer often providing immediate cleansing and cure when the offensive or violent action stops. The cycles of life are given to us so we can know our relationship to creation and as a guide. 

It is my hope that we will not forget to notice the cycles of the earth and its inhabitants. Through involvement, personal awareness and sensitivity to the environments in which we live, we will empower ourselves to make more sustainable choices.

You can view more of my digital images at