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Educational Psychology 

You may use any of these links for your Research Project or Brief Article.  Return to the home page for Educational Psychology Announcements, Lectures and Handouts.

Unit 1
Chapter 1: Educational Psychology: A Foundation For Teaching
U.S. Department of Education
Chapter 2: Theories of Development
L.S. Vygotsky Information
Chapter 3: Development During Childhood and Adolescence
Childhood Development Information

Unit 2
Chapter 4: Student Diversity
The National Association for Bilingual Education
Chapter 5: Behavioral Theories of Learning
Take the Positive Reinforcement Tutorial
Chapter 6: Cognitive Theories of Learning: Basic Concepts
The Memory Page
Chapter 8: Student-Centered and Constructivist Approaches to Instruction
Math Forum - Search ''Constructivist' or
Learning: Beyond Constructivism

Unit 3
Chapter 7: The Effective Lesson
Direct Instruction Model or
Chapter 9: Accommodating Instruction to Individual Needs
Research on Ability Grouping and Tracking in Math or
The John Saxon Approach
Chapter 10: Motivating Students to Learn
University of Oregon Resources for Student Motivation
Chapter 11: Effective Learning Environments
Schoolwide and Classroom Discipline

Unit 4 Chapter 12: Exceptional Learners
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - NIMH
Chapter 13: Assessing Student Learning
Bloom's Taxonomy
Chapter 14: Standardized Tests and Performance Assessments

Additional Choices

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