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I created the Links on the next worksheet as a tool for learning Educational Psychology and as an aid for studying for exams.

The links for Slavin 8th and 9th edition are already included on Chuck Conjar's website. However, this worksheet also includes links for Slavin's 6th and 7th editions. I found the 7th edition especially helpful because it included lecture notes as well as two sets of questions, both T/F and Multiple Choice questions, though some of the questions overlapped with those found in the 8th edition. The 6th edition, though somewhat dated, was also helpful because it appeared to have an entirely different set of questions. 

There are also links related to three other Educational Psychology textbooks. I found these sites useful because the authors' slightly different perspectives often resulted in significantly different questions to test the same material. There isn't always a direct match between chapters, however. Of these three links, I found the Steinberg and Williams site the most useful because it offered so many opportunities to test my knowledge.

While all of these questions can be printed out, the most efficient way to take advantage of the various practice questions is to answer them online and then submit answers which provides immediate feedback on how well you know the material. The feedback includes the perentage correct as well as the correct answers for any that were marked incorrect. 

Hopefully, the websites will also help you with your studying. Good luck!

Barry Adams

Educational Psychology - Slavin 6th, edition
Includes 20 Multiple Choice questions for each chapter
Educational Psychology - Slavin, 8th edition
Includes 15 Multiple Choice questions for each chapter
Educational Psychology - Slavin 9th edition log-in screen
Have not explored, requires registration using code included with 9th edition textbook
Educational Psychology - Woolfolk, 9th edition
Includes Practice Test with 20 M-C questions for each chapter
Education Psychology:  Developing Learners - Jeanne Ellis Ormrod, 4th edition
Includes 5 Multiple Choice questions for each chapter
Educational Psychology - Steinberg and Williams, 1st edition
Includes 2 Practice Tests - 1st has 15 M-C, 2nd has 20 M-C
Also includes Fill in the Blank, Matching and True-False sections



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