Charles Schmitz, PhD

Department of Geography

Towson University

8000 York Rd

Baltimore, MD 21252

(410) 704-2966





Dr. Schmitz’ interests include the political economy of development and development policy in the Arab world, international law and the war on terror, contemporary geopolitics and the issue of the “failing state,” Arab politics, and cross cultural understanding and communication.  Dr. Schmitz is a specialist on Yemen.



Geography of the Middle East, Economic Geography, Human Geography, World Regional Geography, Geographic Thought, Globalization and the Disciplines (social science methods)


Recent Publications

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Ph.D. (Geography), University of California at Berkeley, Spring 1997 "State and Market in Southern Yemen"

M.A. (Geography), University of California at Berkeley, 1992. "Social Impact of Mechanization in Egyptian Agriculture"

B.S. (Conservation and Resource Studies), University of California at Berkeley, 1982.