Spring Semester 2000 - Edwin Duncan, Inst.
11:00-12:15 TR - 108 Linthicum Hall


REQUIRED TEXT: Donald Emery, Sentence Analysis
Recommended Text: Handbook (or equivalent)

COURSE COVERAGE: This course will cover the fundamentals of English syntax by analyzing the elements of sentence structure and composition; it will also focus on those conventions of formal writing associated with structure, particularly punctuation and usage, with the goal being improvement in writing style and formal expression.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Students who successfully complete the course will 1) comprehend the relationships that words and phrases have to one another in the English sentence, 2) master the terminology used to discuss these relationships, and 3) understand the conventions and expectations regarding punctuation and expression in standard written American English.

COURSE GRADES: Course grades will be based on four tests and a daily grade:

			First Test		22%
			Second Test		22%
			Third Test		22%
			Fourth Test		22%
			Daily Grade		12%
The first test will consist wholly of diagramming sentences. The second will test students' mastery of compound structures and verbal phrases as well as the grammatical terminology used to describe them; it will be part short-answer questions and part diagramming. The third test will test students' understanding of clauses and of sentence composition. The final test will cover punctuation and usage. The daily grade will be made up of timely submission of assigned homework and of consistency and quality of classroom participation.

CLASSROOM DECORUM: During class, you will be expected to have the good manners not to eat, sleep, chat, read extraneous material, leave and re-enter the classroom, or do other things that may distract the instructor or other students from the task at hand. Repeated instances of such behavior will have a negative impact on your daily grade. During exams, you will not be allowed to go to the restroom, so don't ask.

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