English 452.001 - Fall 1998
12:30-1:45 TR - Linthicum 214


REQUIRED TEXT: Dorothy Sedley, Anatomy of English.

COURSE COVERAGE: This course is a linguistic introduction to the sounds, forms, syntax, and usage of standard American English.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Students who successfully complete the course will 1) recognize the various subsystems of English (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics) as well as their interdependence, 2) have a working knowledge of the principles of language within and across these subsystems, and 3) understand the ways languages operate in conveying the geographical and social histories of their speakers, as well as the ways in which speakers themselves are agents of change.

COURSE GRADES: Course grades will be based on four tests and a daily grade:

               First Test          22%
               Second Test         22%
               Third Test          22%
               Fourth Test         22%
               Daily Grade         12%
The tests are objective and generally consist of series of short- answer questions over covered material. The daily grade is made up of instructor assessments of students' homework and classroom participation.

ATTENDANCE: Regular attendance is expected. Repeated absences, whether excused or unexcused, could be detrimental to your daily grade, as could repeated late arrivals and/or early departures.

CHEATING AND PLAGIARISM: All work done in this course must be your work only. Cheating and/or plagiarism could result in an "F" for the course.

CLASSROOM DECORUM: During class, you will be expected to have the good manners not to eat, sleep, chat, read extraneous material, leave and re-enter the classroom, or do other things that may distract the instructor or other students from the task at hand. Repeated instances of such behavior will have a negative impact on your daily grade. During exams, you will not be allowed to go to the restroom, so don't ask.

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