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Dong-Qing Yao, Ph.D.

Professor, E-Business/Technology Management

College of Business and Economics

Towson University, MD 21252

Tel: 410-704-2298

Fax: 410-704-3454


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Teaching Interests:  

  Operations & Supply Chain Management

  Supply Chain Intelligence & Technologies

Research Interests:  Supply chain management (for technology-intensive industries), (supply chain) technology management

Selected Journal Publications

  Liu J.J., Wang ZP, Yao DQ and Yue X. Transaction Cost Analysis of Supply Chain Logistics: Firm-based vs. Port-focal. Journal of the Operational Research Society (Accepted)

  Alwan L., Xu M., Yao D., and Yue X. The Dynamic Newsvendor Model with Correlated Demand, Decision Science (Forthcoming)

  Yao D.Q., Yue X., Mukhopadhyay S. and Wang ZP. 2009. Strategic Inventory Deployment for Retail and E-tail Stores. OMEGA, 37 (3), 646-658.

  Mukhopadhyay S., Yao D.Q. and Yue X. 2008. Information Sharing of a Value-adding Retailer in a Mixed Channel Hi-Tech Supply Chain.  Journal of Business Research. 61(9), 950-958.

  Yao D.Q. and Kurata H. and Mukhopadhyay S, Incentives to Reliable Order Fulfillment for an Internet Drop-shipping Supply Chain. 2008, International Journal of Production Economics 113, 324-334.

  Forecast Facilitated Lot-for-Lot Ordering in the Presence of Auto-correlated Demand. 2008. Computers and Industrial Engineering (With Alwan L. and Liu J.)  54/4, 840-850.

  Yao D.Q. and Yue X. and Liu J.J. 2008. Vertical Cost Information Sharing in a Supply Chain with Value-adding Retailers. OMEGA  Vol. 36/5, 838-851.

  Kurata H., Yao D.Q. and Liu J.J. 2007. Pricing Policies under Direct vs. Indirect Channel Competition and National vs. Store Brand Competition. European Journal of Operational Research  Vol. 180/1, 262-281.

  Wang Z.P., Yao D.Q. and Huang P.Q.. 2007 A New Location-Inventory Policy with Reverse Logistics in B2C E-Markets of China. International Journal of Production Economics 107(2), 350-363.

  Yao D.Q., Yue X, Wang X, and Liu J.  2005. The Impact of Information Sharing on a Returns Policy with the Addition of a Direct Channel.  International Journal of Production Economics  97, pp. 196-209.   

  Yao D.Q. and Liu J. J. 2005. Competitive Pricing of Mixed Retail and E-tail Distribution Channels. OMEGA, 33. 235-247. 

  Alwan L. C., Liu J. J., and Yao D. Q. 2003. Stochastic Characterization of Upstream Demand Processes in a Supply Chain,"  IIE Transactions, 35, 207-219. (This research is also reported in Industrial Engineer, Executive Summary, Feb. 2003).

  Channel Redistribution with Direct-Selling, 2003,  European Journal of Operational Research, 144, 646-658 . 

  Liu J. and Yao D.Q. 1999. Strategic Options in Re-engineering of a Manufacturing System with Uncertain Completion Time. European Journal of Operational Research, 115, 47-58.


Working Papers:


      A Reusable Business Process Simulation Framework for Electronic Distributors Supply Chain.

      E-supply chain governance structure design (Funded by Supply Chain Efficiency and Sustainability Grant (J-BB7E) from Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ.)