Geoffrey Ross Goodson
Professor of Mathematics

7800 York Road - Room 341
Telephone: 410-704-2893

I joined the faculty at Towson University in the Fall of 1989 after spending the previous 17 years in South Africa. This included 10 years at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, and 7 years at the University of Cape Town. Although I was born in the Cape Province of South Africa, I was brought up and educated in Great Britain (Winchmore Hill School in North London). I obtained my bachelors degree from the University of Hull, U.K., my master's degree from the University of Warwick, U.K., and my doctorate from the University of Sussex, U.K.

During 1992 I was the Maryland State 40+ Squash champion. I am married with three children, a son who completed a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University and now works in hard drive storage research, a daughter who completed a master's degree in Geology at Georgia State University in Atlanta and is now working for the Department of the Environment in Maryland, and another daughter who completed a master's degree in Civil Engineering at Berkeley, and is now working for a Structural Engineering company in San Francisco.

My main research interests lie in the ergodic and spectral properties of measure preserving transformations, but I have recently been working on some problems in matrix and operator theory. I am a member of the London Mathematical Society and the American Mathematical Society and the Mathematical Association of America. In the year 2000 I won the College of Science and Mathematics Award (Towson University) for Excellence in Scholarship. Below is a list of publications from the past ten years.

·         Spectral doubling of normal operators and connections with antiunitary operators. Integral Equations and Operator Theory, 72 (2011), 116-130.

·         Groups having elements conjugate to their squares and connections with dynamical systems. Applied Mathematics, 1 (2010), 415-423.

·         On commutators in matrix theory. Operators and Matrices, 4 (2010), 283-292.

·         Canonical forms for normal matrices that commute with their complex conjugate. Linear Algebra and Applications, 4 (2010), 283-292. (with Roger Horn)

·         Spectral properties of ergodic dynamical systems conjugate to their composition squares. Colloquium Mathematicum, 107 (2007), 99-118.

·         On the multiplicity function of real normal operators. Operators and Matrices, 2 (2008), 1-13.

·         Quasi-real normal matrices and eigenvalue pairings. the Journal of Linear Algebra and its Applications, 369 (2003) 279-294. (With Roger Horn and Dennis Merino)

·         Conjugations between T and T^2 for ergodic transformations T. Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenianae 71 (2002), 201-210.

·         Laboratory Manuals for Single Variable and Multivariable Calculus. Coauthored with R. Boules, M. O'Leary and O. Kim and published by Harcourt, 2000.

·         Conjugacies between ergodic transformations and their inverses. Colloquium Mathematicum 84 (2000), 185-193.

·         Joining properties of ergodic dynamical systems having simple spectrum. Sankhya: Indian Journal of Statistics. 62 (2000), 376-386.

·         A survey of recent results in the spectral theory of ergodic dynamical systems. Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems. 5 (1999), 173-226.

·         Skew products in the centralizers of compact abelian group extensions. Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenianae. 68 (1999), 171-178.

·         The converse of the inverse-conjugacy theorem for unitary operators and ergodic dynamical systems. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. 128 (2000), 1381-1388.

·         Conjugations, joinings and direct products of locally rank-one dynamical systems. Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems. 3 (1997), 321-341. (with V. V. Ryzhikov).
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·         Inverse conjugacies and reversing symmetry groups, The American Mathematical Monthly. 106 January (1999), 19-28

·         The inverse-similarity problem for real orthogonal matrices. The American Mathematical Monthly. 104 March (1997), 223-230.
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·         The structure of ergodic transformations conjugate to their inverses. Ergodic Theory of Z^d-Actions. Proceedings of the Warwick 1994 conference. London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, 228, Cambridge University Press, 369-386.
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·         Transformations conjugate to their inverses have even essential values. Proceedings of the AMS. 124 (1996), 2703-2710. (With M. Lemanczyk).
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·         Ergodic transformations conjugate to their inverses by involutions. Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems. 16 (1996), 97-124. (With M. Lemanczyk, A. del Junco and D. Rudolph).

·         Functional equations associated with the spectral properties of compact group extensions. Ergodic Theory and its Connections with Harmonic Analysis. Proceedings of the 1993 Alexandria Conference, Cambridge University Press, 1994, 309-328.


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