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 James Manley, Assistant Professor of Economics

With former students Kevin & Justin at Towson University's graduation, May 2012. I'm in the middle.

My research interests include economic development, public health, and the environment, and I have publications in journals ranging from Climatic Change to Pediatrics to World Development. I have been PI or co-PI on grants totalling about $80,000 from the Inter-American Development Bank, the UK's Department for International Development, and Towson University.

I teach Statistics for Business and Economics I, Natural Resource Economics, and Microeconomic Principles.

Why study economics?

1) Graduates in Economics have the highest mid-career salaries outside of engineering and applied math.

2) We teach a way of thinking that all educated people tend toward. Why mess around with something else when you'll just end up back here?

3) Within economics, you can study about anything. In addition to the obvious things like money & banking and macroeconomics, economists just here at Towson study sports, sex & marriage, health care, housing, poverty in the US and internationally, and environmental & resource issues. 

4) Along the same lines, you can do a lot career-wise. Economists work all over the place: there are jobs in all parts of government and in the private sector at places from Google and Yahoo to Bank of America.

5) The major allows you to be extremely flexible: for the 2012-2013 catalog year, you need just 36 credits to meet the degree requirements. 


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