Joanna Wise


Department of Biological Sciences

Towson University

8000 York Road

Towson, MD.  21252

Email address:

Phone: 410-704-3487


Albright College, Bachelor Of Science, Biology, 1982

 Towson University: Master of Science, 2000

Courses Taught/Currently teaching:

Biology 110, 115, 190, 303

Other Activities:

FYE Advisor


Johnson, L. S. and J.Wise. 2000. Wintering Grounds of North American House Wrens as Revealed by Band Recoveries.  Journal of Field Ornithology. 71: 501-101

Rogers, J. and P. Guarino. 1986. Comparison of Antibiotic-Containing Media and Media Supplemented with Dichloran and Rose Bengal for Isolation and Enumeration of Fungi in Spices. Journal of Food Protection. Vol 49 No.10: 815-817

Flowers, R. Enzyme Immunoassay For Detection of Salmonella in Foods: Collaborative Study. 1986. Journal of Associated Official Analytical Chemistry.  Vol. 69 No.5:786-798