by Dee Buschman
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Lesson Plan
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Lesson Plan


To help children investigate magnetic forces and explore how they penetrate materials like paper and cardboard
  • Magnets or Magnetic wands
  • coins
  • paper clips
  • string
  • washers
  • paper
  • plastic figures
  • wooden beads
  • show box
  • paper dolls
Teacher Resources
Magnetic force YES/NO chart 
  1. Use template to draw figures with bases for students to cut out and decorate. Or have students cut out greeting card figures and glue them on the template with base. 
  2. Fold base inside figure so that it stands upright and clip 1-2 paper clips over base. 
  3. Create a stage for the figures with shoe box. Lay the shoe box on its side with the open end facing you. 
  4. Place the figures on top of the box. Hold the large magnet inside the box., under the figures. Activate the figures by moving the magnet around. 

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