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   Kim Shifren, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

Department of Psychology

Towson University





Employment History

Mailing Address:

College of Liberal Arts

Psychology Department

Room 2125

8000 York Road

Towson, Maryland 21252



Research Across the Lifespan

 If you are interested in obtaining research skills for graduate school or research oriented jobs, then click on the words "Current Research Projects" for a list of ongoing research projects.  

Current Research Projects


If you are interested in working with Dr. Shifren on any of these research projects, then please contact Dr. Shifren at  

Qualifications for Research Assistants

To qualify as a research assistant you must meet the following criteria:

1.      You must have completed both behavioral statistics and experimental psychology with a grade of B or better.

2.      Be motivated to conduct research including coding, data entry, subject recruitment, conducting interviews, and library research.

3.      Be responsible and on time for any research experiments.

4.      Be interested in going to graduate school for a doctorate in one of the social sciences.

5.      Contact Dr. Shifren at 410-704-6239 or email for more information.


Are you surviving with Parkinsonís Disease and/or Stroke?

If you have been diagnosed with Parkinsonís Disease and/or Stroke, then you may be interested in a study about the experience of living with one or both of these disorders.The study can be sent to your mailing address by simply contacting me at to request more information about the study.Alternatively, you can participate in this study online by clicking on the following link to participate in the study.

Were You A Young Caregiver?

If you or someone you know was a young caregiver (provided hands-on care for a parent or adult relative), then you might be interested in the following book by my colleagues and I on caregiver research across the lifespan including chapters on both child and adolescent caregivers.I have also published a number of articles on early caregiver experiences and the effects on adult development.Please contact me at if you would like a copy of articles related to this topic.

For those who are interested in hearing more about young caregivers, a CNN interview on young caregivers can be accessed from the following link:††

Also, an NPR show on young caregivers is available at the following link

Teaching Across the Lifespan

If you are interested in learning more about the courses taught by Dr. Shifren, then click on the words "Current Courses at Towson" for a list of syllabi for the courses.   Click on the words "Future Course at Towson" for a description of syllabi for future courses to be taught by Dr. Shifren.


Current Courses at Towson

Future Course at Towson