Challenge Problems developed at

Title of Challenge Problem                 Topics covered in problem

Cooking Oil            density, significant figures, unit conversions, critical thinking

Toxic Metals          nomenclature, stoichiometry, unit conversions, significant 
                                figures, solubility equilibria and LeChatelierís principle

Aluminum Foil         (A sequence of two problems)  nomenclature, stoichiometry, unit
                                 conversions, significant figures, critical thinking                 

Aspirin                      hybridization, bond angles, acid/base stoichiometry and equilibria

Intermolecular Forces 1          Lewis structures, intermolecular forces, critical thinking

Intermolecular Forces 2          Lewis structures, intermolecular forces, graphing, critical

Salt Identification      Solubility rules, net ionic equations, critical thinking

                    Pharmaceutical          Empirical formula, stoichiometry, acid/base, Lewis structures, hybridization,

                    Electrochemistry        Balancing redox, standard potentials, electrochemical cells.

                    Periodic Table            Periodic properties

                    Nickel Carbonyl         Stoichiometry, kinetics

                    Thermochemistry       Enthalpy, entropy, free energy, Hess' Law

                    Photosynthesis           Unit conversions, stoichiometry, free energy, gas laws, critical thinking

Unit Conversions        Unit conversions, density, critical thinking

Unit Conversions and Stoichiometery   Unit conversions, stoichiometry, critical thinking

Unit Conversions            Unit conversions, critical thinking


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