Organic Chemistry, Dr. L. M. Sweeting

The resources and materials provided at this site are a part of a legacy from the late Dr. Linda M. Sweeting, Professor of Organic Chemistry at Towson University, 1970 - 2003. They are made available for your use through the cooperation of the Chemistry Tutoring Center and with the permission of the Estate of Dr. Linda M. Sweeting The materials maintained at this site are copyrighted and are made available only for personal use as study aids for chemistry students. Any commercial adaptation or further distribution of these materials is prohibited.

CHEM 331
Organic Chemistry I
prerequisite CHEM 102

CHEM 332
Organic Chemistry II
prerequisite CHEM 331

Lecture Syllabus Lecture Syllabus
Laboratory Syllabus Laboratory Syllabus
Reaction Summaries and Quizzes Reaction Summaries and Quizzes
Enrichment Materials Enrichment Materials
Learning Objectives and Study Guide Learning Objectives and Study Guide

If you are visiting this site and are presently studying organic chemistry, you should first check out the Organic Reaction Summaries and Quizzes - I guarantee they will help you.

Some of the links below lead to Adobe Acrobat, or *.pdf, files. You can download a free Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it. This software is quite benign - I have never heard of anyone having problems with it. Others require Chemscape Chime from MDLI to rotate molecular models on line in three dimensions; for more information, links to sources of Chime and sources of drawing programs for organic chemistry, see the Web Sites page. These programs open automatically when you click on the file that needs them.

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Web-sters' Organic Chemistry
Study tips, from instructor and student Relevant study tips for Biochemistry
IUPAC Nomenclature Hydrocarbon and General Nomenclature
Sweeting Traditional R/S, "Hands R/S" and Summary
Ryzhkov Stereochemistry Summary
Ladon structure and sterochemistry tips
Sweeting Reaction Quizzes and Summaries
Ryzhkov and Wingrove, handouts
Organic reactions
Sweeting Writing Mechanisms in Organic Chemistry Mechanisms
Sweeting Enrichment Materials Applications and Enrichment Materials
Dr. Sweeting's old exams Problem Sets and Flash Cards

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