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Spring 2007

class news

MCOM358 students: Class exercises can be found here. You can also download an Excel spreadsheet to give you a current report on your grade.

MCOM407 students: Check in weekly with my class blog for updates.

Need to get in touch with me?

Interested in an internship? Start at the Career Center Web site. Then download my instructions for what you need to turn in to me at the end of the semester.

Interested in an independent study? You'll need to start with a detailed proposal; here is an example. Most proposals run two to five pages. Once I approve it, you'll have to fill out this form. The final project is an original research report of 25 to 30 pages. Here's an example.

Getting ready to look for a job? Spend some time thinking about this list of 50 common interview questions, and you'll increase your odds of landing the job. And don't blow your chances -- or risk being fired -- with a questionable MySpace profile.

recommended reading
Emily Sweeney of The Boston Globe notes how her professional development has shifted from writing and reporting to learning how to use multimedia tools. She thinks that learning those skills is essential for all journalists. In a piece for Quill magazine, Sweeney offers "seven tips to becoming a multimedia superhero."

on the stereo
Regina Spektor's "Begin to Hope" has some great songs on it. Is it just me, or is "Edit" the greatest of them all?

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