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Editing for Clear Communication
Copyright 1996-1999,
Thom Lieb
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Editing for the Web

About This Document

The biggest problem with writing about technology is how quickly that technology changes. So barely a year after the publication of my textbook Editing for Clear Communication, I found that the chapter on "Editing for Electronic Delivery" needed serious updating.

Because the Web was the source of most new information for the chapter, it seemed only logical that the update be placed on the Web itself and link to online media sites. I originally envisoned a fairly small document — the actual book chapter is only 10 pages long — but I soon found my outline growing and growing. And I ended up using no content from the original chapter: This document is 100 percent new.

I have drawn on many online and print sources for this document, as well as Internet discussion groups and personal interviews. Rather than clutter the document with footnotes, I have listed my sources along with other good material in the Further Reading section on each page. Some print sources may be accessible online through a search.

With one of the strengths of the Web being the ability to quickly update material, I plan to keep this document as up-to-date as time permits. Any suggestions, pointers and other help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

— Thom Lieb

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