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What can I do with a degree in Sociology?

     If you are a major you have probably asked or been asked this very question.  A major or minor in Sociology, the study of the social relations and the social order and social change that results from them, provides students with a solid foundation useful in many different careers.  Students with undergraduate or master's degrees in Sociology are employed in a wide variety of clinical, applied, research and business settings. 
     Clinical sociologists focus on analysis and intervention and work, for example, as conflict mediators, forensic specialists, sociotherapists, social workers, and program directors.  Applied sociologists are research specialists, who do needs assessment, program evaluation, policy analysis, urban and regional planning, and similar problem solving in government, organization and business settings. In business, Sociology majors are employed in human resources, personnel and industrial relations, marketing, management and organizational planning.
     A background in Sociology provides students with a wide range of marketable skills that employers in all types of settings desire, including communication skills, both verbal and written; conceptualization tools; problem solving strategies; an understanding of group dynamics; and research skills.  So rather than asking What can I do with my degree? Sociology students should be asking What can't I do with a degree in Sociology?

Howery, C., N. Perrin, and J. Seem.  1993.  Teaching Sociological Practice: A Resource Book.  Washington, DC: The American Sociological Association. 

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