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Welcome to my personal Web site!  In addition to information about the courses I teach, my Web site includes:

By the way, I completed 25 years of service at Towson University at the end of the Spring 2009 semester. I appreciate having had the opportunity to be a part of the educational experience of many Towson University students since 1984, as well as those GIS professionals who have participated in the 25 annual Geographic Information Sciences Conference I organized from 1988 to 2012. I look forward to my next 25 years of service to the community of undergraduate and graduate students at Towson University and GIS professionals in the Mid-Atlantic region.

I hope you will find the information on my Web site useful. JavaScript is required to use this Web site! Some pages in this Web site may not function properly if your browser is not enabled for JavaScript. Also, you will not be able to use the many links in this Web site unless you have enabled pop-ups for your browser.

Please contact me at if I can be of further assistance or if you have suggestions on how I can improve my Web site.


John M. Morgan, III, Ph.D., Professor of Geography and Director
Geospatial Research and Education Laboratory

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