Race, Gender and Science

By Rebecca Reviere


  Techniques for educating female students. . .

Girls in the United States typically begin their science and mathematics education with enthusiasm and high hopes, but are more likely than males to lower their expectations, belittle their abilities, and drop out of science - and mathematics - based fields as the years go by.  What begins in high school accelerates in college.  This monograph, designed for teachers both in high school and college, offers an alternative to that path by providing a workbook for curriculum planning, a resource for grant applications, and a source for new ideas for the classroom.  It presents working examples, boxed applications, and background research by various experts in the field to help educators make their science classrooms more inviting and intellectually stimulating for their female students.

55 pages, 8 x 11 paper cover, ISBN 1-885303-43-2, $12


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