Essays on Selected Topics and Issues

Current insights from leaders in the field . . .


As educators define and confront the issues raised by the scholarship on women and the reexamination of the curriculum that it requires, new insights are achieved on the construction of knowledge, on interdisciplinary relationships and gaps, and on cooperation and conflict among colleagues. These essays written by educators with much experience in diverse kinds of curriculum transformation work, are brief discussions of some of these issues. Titles will be added in response to interest and the evolution of curriculum transformation work.

Currently Available:

Internationalizing the Study of Women and Gender
Janice A. Monk, University of Arizona
Deborah Rosenfelt, University of Maryland, College Park

Future Publications:

Necessary Turbulence
Deborah Rosenfelt, University of Maryland, College Park

Interdisciplinary Intersections
Dorothy O. Helly Hunter College, CUNY

Difference vs. Commonality
Rhonda Williams, University of Maryland,College Park

Gender, Race, Nationality, and Science
Rhonda Williams, University of Maryland, College Park

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