B l a c k  P o p u l i s m   i n  t h e  N e w  S o u t h

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Rev. G. W. Lowe, President of the Colored Agricultural Wheel, AK. (top far-left)

Rev. Walter A. Pattillo, Colored Farmers Alliance State Lecturer, NC. (top mid-left)

John B. Rayner, Executive Committee of the People’s Party, TX. (top mid-right)

Rev. Henry S. Doyle, People’s Party organizer, GA. (top far-right)

Lutie A. Lytle, Assistant Enrolling Clerk of the People’s Party, KS. (bot. far-left)

Richard M. Humphrey, Gen. Superintendent of the Colored Farmers Alliance, TX. (bot. mid-left)

Hon. George Washington Murray, State Lecturer of the Colored Farmers Alliance, SC. (bot. mid-right)

Rev. John Simpson Jackson, Colored Farmers Alliance President, AL. (bot. far-right)



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See Appendix A for photo credits in Omar H. Ali, "Black Populism in the New South, 1886-1898," Ph.D. dissertation, Columbia University, 2003, p. 233-234. (UMI Number: 3104783)



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