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Fundamentals of Speech Communication - COMM 131



Course Resources

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Ideas for Speeches

Best Information on the Net  
from the O"Keefe Library - gives both print and web resources for a variety of current topics.

Cambridge Discovery Guides 
CSA's hot topic series - covers biomedical, environmental, social sciences and humanities topics.

Ekstrom's Library's Hot Topics  
a very long list of topics with web resources.

Public Agenda Online: Public Opinion and Public Policy
Guides on over twenty-two issues including crime, economy, and health care.

Background Information 

Academic Search Premier 
  ".... is the world's largest scholarly, multi-discipline, full text database designed specifically for academic institutions." The full text of speeches available from Vital Speeches (full text 1934 - present) is available
in this database as well.

CQ Researcher  
 This great resource covers critical events and controversial subjects 44 times a  year. Each issue offers a 
 balanced analysis of a topic by a seasoned journalist, including a summary of the issue, historical perspective, 

 recent developments, opposing viewpoints, and a bibliography.  (Print copies are available from the
 Periodicals help Desk,  2nd floor -  bound issues available from 1991 forward).

Lexis Nexis Academic 
today's news or as far back as twenty years on your topic from newspaper sources.  The World Almanac is available in the Reference section of this database.   
Statistical Abstract of the United States
an extensive selection of statistics from the  Bureau of Census. Hardcopy is available at Reference Desk.   

        Developing and Delivering a Speech

Allyn & Bacon Public Speaking Website
A textbook site connected with the textbook - particularly good at the section on Research.


Finding Speeches on the Web

Gifts of Speech:  Women’s Speeches From Around the World  
Sweet Briar College, a women’s college in Virginia, sponsors this site.

Great Speeches from History 
Commercial site sponsored by “The History Place.”  Offers a selection of speeches 
relevant to U.S. and world history. 

History and Politics Out Loud
"politically significant audio materials for scholars, teachers and students"
from site).

Speech Communication Research Sites
Extensive list of various resources useful for your project.

Citing Sources

Please give credit where credit is due!  If you used material in a presentation, please make sure to cite 
the source.  If you need to have a written citation, please consult the Citing Sources link.


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