Assorted Educational Links

Towson University Department of Chemistry

The best place for a student who wants everything from an educational experience!

Chemistry Department Tutoring Center

The place for a student who needs assistance with chemistry and other science courses.

Dr. Jill Discordia’s Organic Chemistry website

Very useful collection of concepts and problems.

On-line NMR, IR, MS spectra database

The MOST useful, FREE database of organic molecular spectra.

Chemistry Education Digital Library

All about Chemistry, ALL THE TIME!

Journal of Chemical Education

A lot of useful references, articles, and hints for General, Physical, and Organic Chemistry.

EPR Newletter

Strictly for EPR fans, like myself. Since 1940, the best in magnetic resonance techniques.

Organic Chemistry ChemInfo website Part I


Named Reactions

Named Reagents

Named Rules and Effects

Class Names

Organic Chemistry ChemInfo website Part II

Organic Compounds

Physical Organic Terms



Reactive intermediates

Proton Chemical Shifts

Carbon-13 Chemical Shifts

Towson University

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