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Three women, three cellos, a thousand years into terror... Poor mad monk. Surely, even as he was sliding under the ice, riddled with bullet holes and bloated with poison, it must have never occured to him what will happen to his "good" name. Ahhh...Rasputina. The new album is "Thanks for the Ether", and it will give you grape-size goosbumps. Let Melora, Julia and Agnieszka make you affraid of the dark all over again! Click on the pic below for close-up.

Internet Movie Database

For entertainment purposes only! All the information about all the movies a hardcore fan may need.

V-8 Powered Ford Taurus SHO

The car I use to drive, 1997 V8 SHO. Ford now has a new 2008 V-6 model. Alas, it's not a V-8.... Too bad...

Super Coupe Club of America

Another car I drove, 1997 Ken Brown Supercharged V8 T-bird, was not strictly speaking a Super Coupe Ford (that one was a V-6), but it's faster! And... you just have got to have a V8 (remember, no replacement for displacement)!

Village Voice

Don't mess with liberals! If you are a conservative hack or a standard Republican Party lackey, please DO NOT view this site! Or else you may have to apply for some of those faith-based dollars that our illiterate, faithless president is dispensing, to pay for long-term apoplexy treatments and grevious mental harm.

Yak's Wine Page

Yakety-yak, don't go bad! Here is the guy that knows his vino. Check out Yak's Wine Page to educate yourself about fine Burgundy and other beverages from France, Italy, Germany and everywhere else thay care to make wine to be proud of and not to sell.

Edmunds Car Page

Need a new car? Look up this page for the latest specs, pricing, insurance and reviews.