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Europa: The European Union On-Line
Official Web site of the European Union


European Union Delegation to the U.S.A.



EuroInternet: World Wide Web Virtual Library for European Integration

  • Directory of websites covering all aspects of European integration
  • Includes links to EU websites, journals, books, conference papers, and search engines
  • Provides subject access by country and broad topics such as social policy, environment, history, enlargement, foreign policy, legal issues, trade, and culture
  • Also provides a section on Eurosceptics

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Background Information

Europa World Plus

  • See section on the European Union, which lists members and discusses the EU's enlargement, institutional reform, institutions, activities, external relations, and finance
  • A great place to begin for an overview of EU activities

Fact Sheets on the European Union

  • Overview of how the EU works, citizens' Europe, the internal market, common policies, economic and monetary union, and the EU's external relations.

The Euro

  • Overview of the euro, including physical description, implementation history, countries which have adopted it and when, and current news.

News Inside Europe [from the BBC]


The European Union: A Very Short Introduction 2007

  • Part of Oxford University Press' Very Short Introduction series

Glossary of the European Union. 2008

  • Explains terms dealing with the historical development, issues and personalities associated with the European Union

The European Union Encyclopedia and Directory. [Europa] 2004

  • Available in print only in the Reference stacks
  • In addition to the encyclopedic information, includes a chronology, essays on the political, social, and legal aspects including enlargement, and an extensive statistical survey

Encyclopedia of the European Union
. 1998

  • Available in print only in the Reference stacks
  • Covers "concepts, issues, developments, institutions, policies, events, negotiations, treaties, national interests, and personalities related to European integration" -from the Preface



OECD Economic Surveys. Euro Area. 2001-

  • Available online through Business Source Complete database.
  • If link above doesn't work, once in the database,click on Publications and type oecd economic surveys euro.
  • Reports on the economic situation and policies of the euro area
  • Includes extensive tables, charts, graphs, and bibliography
  • OECD publishes individual country surveys which are also available through Business Source Complete
    • Click on Publications and type oecd economic surveys

Research Institutes


CEPS: Centre for European Policy Studies

  • Independent research policy institute that provides online access to many of their publications including briefs, papers, documents, and reports on various apects of the EU.
  • Browse for publications (in pdf) by research area, author, date, or series OR use the search feature to enter keywords

Centre for European Reform

  • Topics covered include EU 2020, EU foreign policy, energy & environment, euro, justice & home affairs, security & defense, enlargement & Turkey, China, Russia, the Middle East, and the Arab Reform Initiative.
  • Provides open access to many policy briefs, working papers, bulletin articles, and pamphlets on these and other topics.
  • Browse for publications, which are available to download free of charge

ERPA: European Research Papers Archives

  • Portal to the publications of institutes that research issues of European integration
  • Try using the Advanced Search for keyword/category searching
  • Indexes working papers from Centre and Academy of European Law at the European University Institute (Florence), Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies (MPIfG) Cologne, NYU Law School, ECSA-Austria, Advanced Research on the Europeanisation of the Nation-State (ARENA) Oslo, Mannheim Centre for European Social Research (MZES), ESRC Programme, IES Queen’s University of Belfast, University of Manchester / Queen's University Belfast

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  • Browse/Search statistics databases by themes such as: general/regional; economy & finance; population & social conditions; industry; trade & services; agriculture & fisheries; external trade; transport; environment & energy; and science & technology
  • Search an alphabetic list or by publications such as Eurostat Regional Yearbook and Income and Living Conditions in Europe

  Catalog & Online Databases

Searching for materials in
USMAI/Library Catalog:

  • It is recommended that you search the USMAI Catalog, instead of the Library Catalog (Cook Library holdings), as you will have access to additional resources that can be easily ordered through the catalog using your 14-digit library ID, if they are not owned by Cook Library
  • You will be much more successful in finding relevant materials if you use Library of Congress Subject Headings to develop your search strategy. Begin your search from the BASIC SEARCH screen of the USMAI Catalog, typing the words that you think will result in a list of useful materials.
  • Note the "subject" words that have been assigned to those items that look promising.
  • Then redo your search, changing word/s anywhere to subject word/s, using the "subject" words that you have identified.

Another approach is to go to the BASIC SEARCH screen changing word/s anywhere to subject beginning with... Choose one of the following "subject" phrases and browse through the titles listed under each.

  European Union
  Council of the European Union
  European Economic Community (as an international body)
  European federation (= political unity among European countries)
  European communities (= communities discussed collectively)
  Commission of the European Communities
  Council of the European Communities
  European Economic Community countries (1958 - 1992)
  European Union countries (1992 - )
  Europe- economic integration (=European common market)
  international economic integration (= common markets)
  environmental policy/monetary policy - European Economic Community countries
  environmental policy/monetary policy - European Union countries

If your focus is on europe or a country, search subject beginning with... using the word europe or an individual country name (e.g. france), followed by one of the following subject subdivisions (e.g. france social policy)

commerce foreign economic relations politics and government
economic conditions foreign relations social policy
economic policy history  
  Searching for periodical articles available through Cook Library research databases:

CIAO [Columbia International Affairs Online]

  • Indexes and provides significant electronic access to scholarship published from 1991 to date in the form of working papers, policy briefs, journal articles and book chapters, research projects, and conference proceedings
  • Also includes curriculum materials in international affairs in the form of course packs and case studies
  • For best results, use Advanced Search and narrow with suggested subject terms once you get a list of results
    • Also limit by publication year, if desired

Academic Search Premier

  • Search for articles, many in full text in the database and others available through Find It, from magazines and journals in various disciplines including Political Science, Law and History and the New York Times.
  • Subject terms tend to be the same as those used in the library catalog
  • Add Social Sciences Abstracts to your search for a broader coverage of from periodicals in the Social Sciences including Political Science, Law, Geography and Economics.
  • Business Source Complete is a good source of information on economy or trade
    • Also provides full text access to the Economist Intelligence Unit's Country Reports, as well as Country Profiles, all of which discuss current political and economic climate
    • Click on Publications and type country report european union
      • To check for the reports or profiles on individual countries (e.g. country report germany, country profile france)
  • For more articles that present an economic perspective, add EconLit
  • Search Historical Abstracts for articles from scholarly journals with an emphasis on history and the world excluding North America.

World News Digest [Facts on File]

  • Archival record of domestic and international news, covers all major political, social, and economic events since November 1940
  • Includes an encyclopedia with articles on nations, people and events Almanac includes statistics and factual information on "hot" issues in the news
  • Curriculum Tools section has articles on such topics as conducting research, avoiding plagiarism, and evaluating primary and secondary sources

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  Search Engines

Intergovernmental Organization Search Engine

  • Custom search engine that searches through intergovernmental (e.g. UN, EU, WB) organization sites, providing background and commentary on international issues
  • Useful for topics such as human rights, women's rights, drug trafficking, human trafficking, child labor, ethnic conflict, genocide, nuclear nonproliferation, weapons & arms control, environment

Non-governmental Organizations Search

  • Custom search engine that searches through non-governmental organization sites, providing backgound and commentary on international issues
  • Useful for topics such as human rights, women's rights, drug trafficking, human trafficking, child labor, ethnic conflict, genocide, nuclear nonproliferation, weapons & arms control, environment

Additional resources:
International Relations Resources at http://pages.towson.edu/sara/interrel.html
Country Information Sources at http://pages.towson.edu/sara/countryinfo.html

The URL for this Web page is http://pages.towson.edu/sara/euro.html

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