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International Law Sources

  Researching International Law

Researching Treaties

  • Links to various guides on the Web
  • See also Finding Treaties, which links to online sources of treaties, arranged by region and subject

ASIL Electronic Resource Guide [American Society of International Law]

  • Provides links to many websites that provide information on searching international law and links to primary documents

Researching Non-U.S. Treaties and Agreements [LLRX]

  • Provides an overview of the "life cycle" of a multilateral treaty
  • Guide on locating and finding current status of multilateral treaties

Research Help: Guide to Law Online [U.S. Library of Congress]

  • Provides links to sites on international law including constitutions & treaties, legislative law, legal guides, and law reviews online

Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases [NYU School of Law]

  • Directory of websites on foreign and international law arranged by topic
  • Includes links to international organizations and topics such as environmental, human rights, intellectual proerty, criminal, trade, and labor law

International Law Organizations and Other Key Resources

  • Provides links to websites useful in researching international law
  • Arranged by subjects such as: treaty databases; international courts and tribunals; criminal law and war crimes; peace, security and conflict resolution; different types of international law; and regional organizations

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  Primary Documents

GLIN: Global Legal Information Network

  • "...a public database of official texts of laws, regulations, judicial decisions, and other complementary legal sources contributed by governmental agencies and international organizations" - from the website
  • Click on More Search Options for more refined searching

Multilaterals Project [Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy at Tufts U]

  • Search engine of international multilateral conventions and other instruments
  • Search by term or browse by subject area of law
  • Includes treaties in the areas of human rights, commerce and trade, laws of war and arms control, among others

Treaties from the United Nations
Cook Library does not subscribe to this proprietary database. There is free access to a limited number of multilateral treaties.

  • See the Overview for a description of what you will find on this site including:
    • Status of over 500 multilateral treaties deposited with the Secretary-General covering topics such as human rights, disarmament, commoditites, refugees,environment and law of the sea
    • Collection of treaties and international agreements (UNTS) registered since December 1946
      • Click on Registration Number on the first screen; scroll down the resulting record on the next screen until you see Text document(s); click on the document link to the pdf.
    • Reference-Links includes links to various sources on Terrorism including:
  • Access treaties from the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights
    • Also their treaty document database can be searched by convention, country, and type

Audiovisual Library of International Law [UN]

  • Expansive resouce of written and audiovisual materials on treaties, declarations and statutes of international tribunals including:
    • Historic Archives - Essays and audiovisual materials for major legal instruments organized by type of law
    • Lecture Series - Videos of international scholars on international law,organized by subject
    • Research Library - Provides links to treaties of the UN by topic, other international organizations, and states

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International Court of Justice

  • Provides links to rulings and basic documents

International Humanitarian Law Database [ICRC]

  • Searchable database of full text treaties and documents, conventions and protocols with access by topic, date, and country.

International Criminal Court

  • See the Basic Legal Texts for the Official Journal of the ICC
  • The Legal Tools Project provides access to over 25,000 documents and commentary

Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators[ENTRI]

  • Full text access to global environmental treaties
  • Provides international environmental agreements by subject for each nation
  • World Data Center provides an overview of the role of nation- states in developing environmental policy and the interplay with politics and economies

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  EUR-Lex: Access to European Union law
  Council of Europe Treaties

European Court of Human Rights

  • Links to basic texts, case law, reports, and pending cases

Constitution Finder [T.C. Williams School of Law, University of Richmond]






Treaty Affairs
[U.S. Department of State]

  • Treaties in Force: A List of Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States in Force
    • Current list
    • "Lists treaties and other international agreements of the United States on record in the Department of State as of [January 1, 2001] which had not expired by their terms or which had not been denounced by the parties, replaced or superseded by other agreements, or otherwise definately terminated." - From the publication
    • An index to treaties. Arranged by country and by subject. Provides brief description of treaty, date of signature, date of enforcement, a citation for the publication in which the full text can found, amendments, related agreements.
  • United States Treaties and Other International Acts. (TIAS) [U.S. Department of State] 1996-2001
    • Provides full text of treaties
    • 1950 - also available in Cook 5th floor stacks [KZ235.3 U55]
  • Multilateral Treaties for which the United States is Depositary
    • Arranged by subject; provides signatories and latest action
American Treaties and Alliances. [CQ Press] 2000
Covers 750 treaties, historical and current of the "greatest significance" to the United States. Current treaties covered include the areas of Arms Limitation, War Crimes & Rules of Warfare, Criminal Law, Diplomatic Relations, International Dispute Resolution, Rights & Duties of States, Terrorism, U.S. as Peacemaker, Human & Political Rights, and Environment. Full text of treaties are not included, but rather, date signed, signatories, when enforced, significance, discussion and references.


Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America, 1776-1949
. [Bevans] 13v.
Provides full text of treaties.


United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime


UN Oceans and Law of the Sea

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Researching Issues Surrounding the Law


Frederick K. Cox International Law Center War Crimes Research Portal

  • Links to websites on international humanitarian law arranged by subject
  • Research memoranda written by law students on pending issues before the UN tribunals and ICC, searchable by keyword
  • Research guide to international humanitarian law
  • Instant analysis written by members of the American Branch of the Interanational Association of Penal Law

Intergovernmental Organization Search Engine

  • Custom search engine that searches through intergovernmental organization sites, providing articles on their involvement in international issues
  • Provides access to background on issues related to international law, as well as primary documents
  • Particularly useful for issues like human rights, drug trafficking, human trafficking, child labor, piracy on the seas

Non-governmental Organizations Search

  • Custom search engine that searches through non-governmental organization sites, providing articles on their involvement in international issues
  • Provides access to background on issues related to international law, as well as primary documents
  • Particularly useful for human rights, drug trafficking, human trafficking, child labor, intellectual property

International Humanitarian Law [ICRC]

  • Overview of humanitarian law and the International Committee of the Red Cross

International Commission of Jurists

  • International, non-governmental organization which publishes on counter-terrorism and human rights

Coalition for an International Criminal Court

  • Up-to-date country-by-country ratification status report of the ICC
  • Background information on the ICC and links to most recent documents


Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements
. 4v. 2003

  • Explanation of the essential concepts, philosophies, and role of the U.N. in international affairs, including its committees and peacekeeping activities and work with NGOs.
  • Provides selected text from major international treaties, conventions, pacts, protocols, and declarations.

International Law [United Nations]

  • Portal to UN divisions that deal with international law.
  • Includes links to various international courts and tribunals including UNAT, Yugoslavia, Rwand, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, and Lebanon
  • Be sure to check Other Legal Areas for links arranged by topic


Yearbook of the United Nations
. 1947/48 -
Latest 3 years in Reference, additional volumes in the Stacks.

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Online Databases Available through the Cook Library Web site
Primary & Secondary

LexisNexis Academic

  • Click on Legal tab
  • Primary resources include ASIL's International Legal Materials (full texts of important treaties and agreements, judicial and arbitral decisions, national legislation, international organizations resolutions and other documents), European Union law [EUR-Lex], some International Case Law and Canadian legislative materials, statutes and regulations
  • To see the list of treaties and international agreements indexed, click on the Sources tab and then on the folder for Treaties & International Agreements
  • Secondary resources include law reviews and legal news

CIAO :Columbia International Affairs Online

  • Indexes and provides significant access to scholarship published from 1991 to date in the form of working papers, policy briefs, journal articles and book chapters, research projects, and conference proceedings
  • Check Course Packs for a collection of papers on human rights and international law (ICC)
  • Enter your search in the Advanced Search screen for better results and narrow your results by clicking on the subject headings listed to the right of your results list

Academic Search Premier

  • Search for articles from periodicals by topic in various disciplines including Political Science, Law and History
  • Once in this database, click on Choose Databases and add Social Sciences Abstracts to your search

Social Sciences Abstracts

  • Search for articles from periodicals by topic in various disciplines including Political Science, Law, Geography and Economics


Historical Abstracts

  • Search for articles from scholarly journals in History and the Social Sciences
  • Focus on the world excluding North America and Canada

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