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Handout for Introductory Research in International Relations [POSC107/108]

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WWW Virtual Library
: International Affairs Resources

  • Directory of Web-accessible resources on International Affairs, categorized by topic and geographic region.
JA61 O95

Oxford Companion to Politics of the World . 2001

  • Lengthy articles on IR topics, countries, and politically influential individuals, representing a range of significant interpretations.

International Relations: A Political Dictionary. 1995

  • Sections including Nationalism, Environment, Ideology, Military, Diplomacy, US Foreign Policy and Patterns of Political Organization.

Penguin Dictionary of International Relations. 1998

  • Presents explanations of major concepts in IR concerning Diplomacy, International Law, and National Interest reflecting, when applicable, new interpretations that have developed since the end of the Cold War.

Encyclopedia of Government and Politics. 2v. 2004

  • Critical analyses on topics including political theory, contemporary political systems and institutions, conflicting forces in the nation-state, IR, and major issues in contemporary world politics.
Encyclopedia of Nationalism. 2v. 2001

U.S. Department of State

  • Check Policy Issues for a list of international issues and topics covered on the site, including diplomatic history, human rights, narcotics control, and international security.
  • Check Countries & Regions for an alphabetic listing by country of State Department publications with quick links to major publications such as Background Notes, Commercial Country Guides, Economic Policy and Trade Practices, Country reports on human rights, terrorism, narcotics, and religious freedom

Council on Foreign Relations: A Center for the Study and Practice of International Affairs and U.S. Foreign Policy

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Europa World Plus

  • Off-campus access requires TU NetID and password
  • Replaces the print edition of Europa World Year Book and all of the Europa regional year books
    • For earlier editions of the regional year book holdings check the Library Catalog, typing "regional surveys of the world"
  • Political and economic profiles of nations of the world
  • In additon to country profiles, each regional volume contains timely essays on issues affecting that region
European Union On-Line
Council of Europe Portal

Organization of American States

  Association of South-East Asian Nations

Africa Action:Activism for Africa Since 1953

  • Issues of current interest include foreign aid reform, HIV/AIDS, Congo, Zimbabwe, Darfur/Sudan
  • Other countries of interest include Algeria, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa
  African Union

Organization of African Unity

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  Violence, Peace & Conflict

Encyclopedia of Violence, Peace & Conflict. 3v. 1999

  • Includes articles on ethnicity, terrorism, International Relations overview, nuclear weapons policies, world government, and Cold War.

Globalization and Security: An Encyclopedia. 2009

  • Volume 1 & Volume 2 - Available through Praeger Security International database
  • Includes articles on topics related to security including environmental insecurity, finance, food security, global ethics & human security, health security, human rights, imperialism, information wars, nation-state, natural resources, NGOs, terrorism, and transnational corporations

Human Security Gateway
[Human Security Report Project]

  • This website brings together resources from various organizations that publish on human security and armed conflict in relation to: children, gender, paramilitaries, health, natural resources, prevention & peacemaking, humanitarian intervention, refugees & internally displaced persons, small arms, and post-conflict reconstruction.
  • Search by keyword or browse by topic, region, or material format (audiovisual, academic article, datasources, fact sheet, map, etc.)

World Development Report 2011: Conflict, Security, and Development [World Bank]

  • Discusses the impact of violence at the country and regional level

Encyclopedia of Modern Ethnic Conflicts. 2003

  • Articles arranged by country. Each article includes a timeline, historical background, the conflict, management of the conflict, significance, extensive notes, and a list of suggested readings.
R1 S65

Penguin Atlas of War and Peace. 2003

  • World and regional maps on topics such as poverty, rights, military spending, refugees, landmines, arms trade, terrorism, long-standing ethnic conflicts, and peacekeeping.
  • Includes a Table of Wars 1990 - 2002 arranged alphabetically by country and suggested readings, many of which are Web sources, for further information.

Country Indicators for Foreign Policy [CIFP][Carlton University, Canada]

  • The CIFP project keeps track of failed and fragile states, providing conflict risk assessment reports on selected states in South and Central Asia, Caucasus, Africa, and Latin America.
  • Provides rankings of countries on indicators such as democratic participation, political stability and human rights for Governance & Democracy Processes and indicators including authority, economics, security & crime, and human development for Failed & Fragile States.
  • Also search Reports & Briefs for current country reports.

Conflict Barometer [Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research]

  • Annual analysis of global conflicts
  • Tracks conflict items such as territory, secession, decolonization, autonomy, system/ideology, national power, regional predominance, international power; resources
  • Divided into three sections: Global Conflict Panorama; Measures of Conflict Resolution; and Regions
  • Regional reports include: name of conflict; conflict parties; conflict items; start date; change of intensity; level of intensity and a description of each conflict

International Crisis Group

  • Independent, multinational organization that provides political analysis in the form of media releases, speeches, articles, and op-eds on the "most significant situations of conflict or potential conflict around the world."
  • Good source for background and current information on ethnic conflicts.
  • Search by country or use the search box to search for an issue and a country.

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Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements. 4v. 2003

  • Explanation of the essential concepts, philosophies, and role of the U.N. in international affairs, including its committees and peacekeeping activities and work with NGOs.
  • Provides selected text from major international treaties, conventions, pacts, protocols, and declarations.

United Nations


United States Institute of Peace

  • Link to reports on USIP's priority countries and regions, some of which are Afghanistan, Colombia, Congo, Egypt, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Nigeria, Korean Peninsula, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, and two Sudans
  • Some issues covered include gender/religion/media & peacebuilding, sustainable economies, and post-conflict resolution

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

  • Try starting your search in the index for the NATO Web site.

Weapons of Mass Destruction: An Encyclopedia of Worldwide Policy, Technology, and History . 2v. 2005

  • Covers chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons
  • Introductory essays,chronologies, and key documents on the different types of weapons
  • Each article is accompanied by references

SIPRI: Stockholm International Peace and Research Institute

  • Provides research into conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament
  • Research areas include: regional & global security; armed conflict and conflict management; military spending and armaments; arms control, disarmament and non - proliferation
  • Publishes SIPRI Yearbook (annual) - see entry above
  • FIRST: Facts on International Relations & Security Trends
    • Search by country and by year for information on topics such as conflicts and peace keeping activities, military expenditure, weapons of mass destruction, and political system and country indicators, among others.
    • Sponsors include BICC, CIDOB, HIIK, INCORE, NSPIA.


SIPRI Yearbook: Armaments, Disarmament and International Security. 2011

  • Narrative and statistics presented in tables, graphs, and maps on: corruption and the arms trade; resources and armed conflict; peace operations; military expenditure; arms production; international arms transfers; world nuclear forces; nuclear arms control and non-proliferation; reducing security threats from chemical and biological materials; conventional arms control and military confidence building; strategic trade controls.
  • Appendices on: arms control and disarmament agreements; iternational security cooperation bodies; chronology of events for the past year
  • Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) website contains abstracts of the articles contained in the most recent edition of the SIPRI yearbook

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ALSOS: Digital Library for Nuclear Issues

  • Sponsored by the National Science Foundation
  • Bibliograghy of books, articles, videos, and websites on historical and current nuclear issues such as: the Manhattan Project; Cold War arms race; and post-Cold War proliferation and terrorism
  • Search database by keyword, browse by issue , or browse by disciplinary perspective

Federation of American Scientists

  • This is a great site to visit for current situation regarding nuclear concerns worldwide, including Status of World Nuclear Forces
  • Organization's site is centered on international security, including biological, chemical and nuclear weapons, WMDs, arms trade, and emerging technology
  • To find information on a particular country, use the SEARCH feature.

PDA: Project on Defense Alternatives

Links to policy analysis papers on global security issues from think tanks, academic institutions, and government agencies. Four sections including:

  • Topics include: arms control; regional security; terrorism & counter-terrorism; UN peace operations; US defense policy; wars & military operations

Institute for Science and International Security [ISIS]

  • Policy analysis of global security issues with focus on nuclear weapons and nonproliferatation.
  • Search by country, which links to ISIS and IAEA reports

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: Nuclear Notebook

  • See link to the Nuclear Notebook, which reports statistics on countires with major nuclear forces including U.S., Russia, and China
  • Continuously updated Information on nuclear weapons and weapons facilities.
  • This journal is also available through Academic Search database.
    • Once in the journal, click on Search within this publication, go to the ADVANCED SEARCH screen, and then type the name of a country as a subject

International Institute for Strategic Studies

  • A research organization that focuses on political-military conflict.
  • Various projects include research on conflict, defense, environment & climate, geo-economics, global politics, non-proliferation, terrorism & security
  • Current regions of focus include, North Korea, South China Sea, Iran, and Syria
  • Some material on this site is available by subscription only.

Center for International Security and Cooperation [ Stanford University]

  • Publications on topics including: nuclear security and risk; governance, organizations, & security; health & the environment; migration & transnational flows; terrorism, insurgency, & homeland security

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

  • Organization of 56 states from Europe, Central Asia and North America which addresses security issues including: arms control, conflict prevention & resolution, election observation, policing, gender equality, human trafficking, human & minority rights, democratization, and counter-terrorism

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Sage Encyclopedia of Terrorism. 2011

  • Includes information on international and national incidents.
  • Appendices include maps of terrorist activity by region, Web sites, a chronology and extensive bibliography.

Encyclopedia of Modern Worldwide Extremists and Extremist Groups. 2004

  • Also available in print in Reference stacks: Ref HV49 R33 A85
  • Profiles groups and significant leaders
  • Each entry is accompanied by a list of suggested readings
M5 M35

Profiles in Terror: Guide to Middle East Terrorist Organizations . 2004

  • Profiles on Al-Qaeda & affiliates, Abu Nidal, Hamas, Hizbullah, Kurdistan Workers' Party, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Palestine Liberation Organization & affiliates
  • Each entry covers ideology & objectives, history, leadership, organization, financial support, links to states & terrorist organizations, areas of operation, targets & tactics, chronology of major events & attacks, and resources including books, journal articles and websites

Encyclopedia of World Terrorism. 3 v. 1997

  • Includes update volumes that cover 1996-2002

START: National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism
[U.S. Department of Homeland Security at University of Maryland, College Park]

  • Work groups are currently researching the "formation and recruitment" and "persistence and dynamics" of terrorist groups and "societal responses to terrorist threats and attacks"
  • See Background Reports for analysis of terrorism "events" in recent history

Global Terrorism Database

  • Open-source database presenting information on terrorist events around the world since 1970 (currently updated through 2011), including data on where, when, and how each of [over 104,000] terrorist events occurred
  • Accompanied by clickable maps, that identifies incidents and attempted incidents of terrorism worldwide. Incidents are searchable by date, geographical location, casualties, targets, tactics, and weapons. Additionally, it includes background information on groups, countries, and leaders.
  • This database replaces the Terrorism Knowledge Base from MIPT

Country Reports on Terrorism

  • In addition to terrorism activity by country, this report includes an overview of states that sponsor terrorism and information on foreign terrorist organizations. The 2004 report includes a special section on global jihad.
  • Published by the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Counterterrorism

Terrorism [Council on Foreign Relations]

  • Background information and updated news reports on issues surrounding terrorism, including topics such as terrorist groups, state sponsors of terrorism, havens for terrorism, counterterrorism, terrorism and the law, weapons of mass destruction, and homeland security, including border and port security

Jamestown Foundation

  • Political reports on Eurasia, China, and the world of terrorism
  • See Hot Issues for what's current
  • Regional reports on Africa, The Caucasus, Central Asia, China & the Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Russia, South Asia and Turkey
  • Publications include the Eurasia Daily Monitor, Terrorism Monitor , China Brief, North Caucasus Weekly , and Militant Leadership Monitor

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  Human Rights & Trafficking

Encyclopedia of Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity. 3v. 2005

  • Articles covering themes of crime and punishment, historical perspective, investigations, reparations, laws, international organizations, groups, individuals, and theories. Arranged alphabetically with a subject index. Brief bibliographies with each article. Includes a filmography, glossary, and section of primary sources consisting of major legal documents and decisions.
Encyclopedia of Genocide. 1999

Minorities at Risk Project
[Center for International Development and Conflict Management at University of Maryland]

  • Provides background information, chronology and risk assessment of over 284 politically significant groups worldwide from 1945 to present
  • Group classifications include: ethnonationalist; indigenous; ethnoclass; communal contender; religious sect; and national minority
  • Includes a dataset of 150 variables per group intended to provide insight on organizations that use a strategy of political violence
  • World maps represent hot spots classified as Persecution (Political Discrimination/Repression) and Mobilization (Protests/Rebellions)
    • Hover over hot spots and click for a risk assessment w/ analysis of the situation
  • Includes links to Web sites that monitor regional conflict and human rights and represent the interests of specific ethnic groups

Encyclopedia of Human Rights. 5 vol. 2009

  • Available online through the research database, Oxford Digital Reference Shelf
  • Articles on organizations and issues, leading figures, human rights events and crises, and human rights norms.
  • Each article is accompanied by an up-to-date bibliography. Includes human rights theory, practice, law, and history.


H78 H8595

Human Rights and the World's Major Religions: Jewish, Christian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist. 2005


Human rights: The Essential Reference
. 1999

Encyclopedic articles arranged in four sections: Human Rights before 1948; Universal Declaration of Human Rights; Contemporary Human Rights Movement; Contemporary Human Rights Issues. Appendices including a timeline and UN documents.

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Freedom House
A non-profit organization that publishes information concerning human rights and democracy including:


Country Reports on Human Rights Practices. [U.S. Dept of State]


International Commission of Jurists

  • International, non-governmental organization which focuses on human rights issues.

Human Rights First [formerly Lawyers Committee for Human Rights]


International Labour Organization

  • Deals with issues such as: child labour; domestic workers; economic and social development; equality and discrimination; forced labour; labour migration; working conditions; and youth employment
  • Check Statistics & Databases for international labor statistics dating back to 1969

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  More on Women

Human Rights & Women's Rights. [Sara Nixon]

  • Includes resources in Cook Library's Reference Collection and links to Web sites.

Human Rights Watch Campaign on Women's Rights

  • Includes sections on domestic violence, trafficking, reproductive choices
  • Search feature on this website allows filtering by country and/or region
E1 S4

Penguin Atlas of Women in the World . 2009

  • Maps grouped by topic, including: Women in the World; Families; Birthrights; Body Politics; Working for Wages; To Have and To Have Not; The Vote; and World Tables on Demography and Health: School, Work, Power. Narrative for each map accompanied with charts and graphs providing regional or country comparisons.
Greenwood Encyclopedia of Women's Issues Worldwide. 2003
International Encyclopedia of Women's Suffrage. 2000

Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women. 4v. 2000

  • "Featuring comprehensive global coverage of women's issues and concerns, from violence and sexuality to feminist theory" - From the publisher's website

International Encyclopedia of Sexuality. 3v. 1997

  • Also available in the Cook Library Reference stacks
  • Patterns and trends concerning the role and treatment of women in 32 countries, including religious and ethnic factors.

Statistics and indicators on women and men [UN]

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UNFPA: United Nations Population Fund

  • Includes information on topics including:gender rights (FGM, trafficking); human equality; adolescents; safe motherhood; HIV/AIDS.

ELDIS: Human Trafficking

  • Provides an overview that covers: forms of trafficking, contributing factors, tracfficking legislation, and practical responses
  • Recommended Reading for each section provides links to reports from various organizations (NGOs and IGOs) that focus on trafficking

HumanTrafficking.org : A Web Resource for Combatting Human Trafficking

  • Includes country-specific information such as national laws and action plans
  • Sponsored by the Asian Regional Initiative Against Trafficking and the U.S. Department of State

ECPAT International

  • "...a network of organisations and individuals working together for the elimination of child prostitution, child pornography and trafficking of children for sexual purposes." - from ECPAT's Web site.
  • Visit the Resource Center for a ECPAT annual reports, regional agenda reports and news clippings.

UN Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking (UNIAP)

  • Focus on Mekong Delta area
  • Visit the Resource Center to view international and country laws, news articles, statistics, and data sheets on human trafficking in Cambodia, China, Lao, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Project to Combat Trafficking in Children and Women [ILO]

  • Sponsored by the International Labour Organization Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, this site has country reports on Cambodia, Yunnan Province of China, Lao PDR, Thailand and Viet Nam.
  • Also provides access to extended regional reports and videos on trafficking.

Trafficking in Persons Report [U.S. State Department]

  • Reports from 2001 to date, includes country narratives
  More on Children

War Child International


Human Rights Watch Campaign on Children's Rights

  • Includes sections on child soldiers, child labor, street children
  • Search feature on this website allows filtering by country and/or region
  Children and Armed Conflict [United Nations]

Save the Children

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  Other Issues
Crime, Drugs & Corruption
Health & Humanitarian
Poverty & Development


World at Risk: A Global Issues Sourcebook
. 2010

  • Also available in print: Ref JZ1242 W67
  • Analyzes 30 political, economic, and environmental issues from an international perspective.
  • Presents, for each, historical background and development, current status regarding research and policy, regional summaries, and key statistics.
  • Resource lists with each entry include a directory of organizations focused on the issue, and suggested readings of books, articles, and Web sites.


CQ Global Researcher

  • Off-campus access requires TU NetID login
  • Articles on global issues of current interest that feature an overview, background, current situation, pro/con question, and "voices from abroad" international perspective
  • Each article is accompanied by chart and graphs, footnotes, and a bibliography of books, articles, and websites
  • Some recent articles include: "Turmoil in the Arab World"; "Gay Rights"; "Disappearing Forests"; "Press Freedom"; "Religious Fundamentalism"; "Child Soldiers"; "Women's Rights"; "Future of Nato"; "Fixing Capitalism"; "The Troubled Dollar"


Penguin State of the World Atlas. 8th edition 2008

  • Visual representations of issues centering around power, cost of living, differences, rights, war & force, money, business of pleasure, and life & death. The maps depict country and regional comparisons on such topics as climate change, quality of life, rich & poor, ethnicity,women's rights, terrorism, refugees, drugs trade, debt & aid, and HIV/AIDS
  • Each section is accompanied by an introductory article. Individual maps are accompanied by explanatory notes on trends, graphs, and charts.

Global Issues [United Nations]

  • Although the UN's main focus is conflict resolution and peacekeeping, it has become increasingly involved in other issues including environment, terrorism, and health
  • This website provides an overview and links to additional resources on topics such as: agriculture, AIDS, atomic enrgy, climate change, democracy, disarmament, environment, food, human settlements, refugees, water, and women

Foreign Policy in Focus: A Think Tank Without Walls

  • Provides analyses of international affairs by policy analysts and advocates, including issues such as: military, drug control, human rights, environment, global governance, and women. Also searchable by geographic region.

Brookings Institute: Foreign Policy

Provides analyses of international affairs arranged by region and by issues such as Terrorism, Defense Budget and Military Readiness, Humanitarian Intervention, Nuclear Weapons, National Security Council, NATO, Sanctions, and U.S. Foreign Policy.


Institute for Policy Studies

Covers policy issues, national and international, currently including Pinochet, drug policy, global economy, UN & the Middle East, peace & security, and sustainable energy.


Center for Strategic & International Studies

Analysis of global issues with the following areas of focus: defense and security; economic development & reconstruction; energy & climate change; global health; global trends & forecasting; governance; human rights; technology; and trade and economics.

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Anti-Americanism: History, Causes, and Themes. 4 vol. 2007

  Crime, Drugs & Corruption


International Handbook on Drug Control
. 1992

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime [UNODC]

  • World Drug Report is published annually and provides a good overview of drug trafficking by drug and region.

Office of National Drug Control Policy: International

  • Information on drug sources and transit zones that affect drug distribution in the United States.

Transparency International: The Global Coalition against Corruption



United Nations Environment Programme


World Resources Annual Reports [World Resources Institute] 1996/97 -
Latest also kept in Reference.

  • Covers major environmental and development issues.

State of the World. 1999- [WorldWatch] Latest kept in Reference.

  • Some parts of this publication are also available online


AAAS Atlas of Population & Environment. 2000

  • Also available online
  • Overview presents world population and consumption trends, the state of major world ecosystems, and policy responses.
  • Includes world maps accompanied by essays demonstrating the effects of population on natural resources, landuse, atmosphere, waste & chemicals, ecosystems, and biodiversity.


Encyclopedia of World Environmental History. 2003
The environment from an historical perspective. Articles on environmental topics, natural resources, laws & regulations, organizations, countries & regions.


Atlas of Global Change
. 1998
  Environmental Protection Agency [U.S. EPA]

  National Resources Defense Council

  CITES: Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna aand Flora

Greenpeace International

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  Health & Humanitarian

World Health Organization

  • Check for country reports, which provide a statistical profile of health and links to further information.

ReliefWeb [UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs]


UNAIDS: Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

  • Check for information, including statistics and narrative, on AIDS by country.
  International Committee of the Red Cross [ICRC]

A25 E5276

Encyclopedia of AIDS: A Social, Political, Cultural, and Scientific Record of the HIV Epidemic

Also available in print in the Reference stacks.

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  Poverty & Development
World Poverty & International Development

Links to Web sites on poverty and development identified by Sara Nixon.
  Religion / Ethnicity

Ethnic Groups of Europe: An Encyclopedia. 2011

  • Provides descriptions of more than 100 European ethnic and national groups with a focus relating ethnicity and nationalism
  • Each entry inculdes an overview on the group's origins and early history, cultural life, and recent developments
  • Covers population figures, geographical distribution, diaspora populations, predominant religions and languages
  • Introductory essay on ethnicity in Europe, sidebars describing related places, events, and groups
  • Each article is accompanied by a brief bibliography

Ethnic Groups of Africa and the Middle East: An Encyclopedia 2011

Ethnic Groups of South Asia and the Pacific: An Encyclopedia 2012


Encyclopedia of Modern Ethnic Conflicts. 2003

  • Also available in reference stacks
  • Available online through Praeger Security International and in print in the Reference stacks
  • Articles arranged by country
  • Each article includes a timeline, historical background, the conflict, management of the conflict, significance, extensive notes, and a list of suggested readings
V55 R45555

Religion and Violence: An Encyclopedia of Faith and Conflict from Antiquity to Present
. 3v. 2011

  • Articles on groups, incidents, regions, concepts & theories, people
  • Each entry is accompanied by an extensive bibliography
  • Some topics include: Al-Qaeda, Female Circumcision, Ethnicity, Genocide, Hamas, Hizballah, Internet, Islamic Fundamentalism, Jihad, Just War Theory, Northern Ireland, Rwandan Genocide, Sikhism, Suicide Bombing, Taliban

Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion
. 2v. 2007

  • Explores the historical roots of the interconnection of politics and religion regionally and globally. Topics include broad concepts such as ethnicity, human rights, genocide, environmentalism, violence and war, and articles on individual countries and religions.

Encyclopedia of Religious Freedom. 2003

  • Articles on world religions, minority groups and their rights, regions of the world, and selected countries. Regional articles on Balkans, East Europe & Russia, Middle East, and South America. Country articles on China, Israel, Japan, Pakistan, South Africa, Tibet, and Turkey.
  • A good portion of this book may be available through Google Books

Encyclopedia of Religion and War. 2004

  • Articles on world religions, regions of the world, and selected countries, including the United States. Historical perspective from ancient to modern
  • Also available in 3rd floor reference stacks

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Election Resources on the Internet

  • Links to websites that provide worldwide election statistics
  • Search by country

World News Digest [Facts on File]

  • Off-campus access requires login with your 14-digit library ID on your TowsonOne card.
  • Archival record of domestic and international news, covers all major political, social, and economic events since November 1940
  • Includes an encyclopedia with articles on nations, people and events
  • Almanac includes statistics and factual information on "hot" issues in the news
  • Curriculum Tools section has articles on such topics as conducting research, avoiding plagiarism, and evaluating primary and secondary sources

For additional sources, see News resources listed on Sara Nixon's Country Sources website.

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  Search Engines & Online Databases

Non-governmental Organizations Search

  • Custom search engine that searches through non-governmental organization sites, providing backgound and commentary on international issues
  • Useful for topics such as human rights, women's rights, drug trafficking, human trafficking, child labor, ethnic conflict, genocide, nuclear nonproliferation, weapons & arms control, environment

Intergovernmental Organization Search Engine

  • Custom search engine that searches through intergovernmental (e.g. UN, EU, WB) organization sites, providing background and commentary on international issues
  • Useful for topics such as human rights, women's rights, drug trafficking, human trafficking, child labor, ethnic conflict, genocide, nuclear nonproliferation, weapons & arms control, environment

Online Databases available through the Cook Library Web site.

Go into one Academic Search, click on chose databases, and add other relevant databases including MasterFILE, Social Sciences Abstracts and others that might have articles on your topic.


Academic Search

Search for articles from magazines and journals in various disciplines including Political Science, Law and History.



Search for articles from journals of general interest and the social sciences.


Social Science Abstracts [EBSCO]

Search for articles from journals in the social sciences.


World News Digest [Facts on File]

  • Archival record of domestic and international news, covers all major political, social, and economic events since November 1940
  • Includes an encyclopedia with articles on nations, people and events Almanac includes statistics and factual information on "hot" issues in the news
  • Curriculum Tools section has articles on such topics as conducting research, avoiding plagiarism, and evaluating primary and secondary sources

CIAO [Columbia International Affairs Online]

  • Indexes and provides significant access to scholarship published from 1991 to date in the form of working papers, policy briefs, journal articles and book chapters, research projects, and conference proceedingsAlso includes curriculum materials in international affairs in the form of course packs and case studies
  • For best results, use Advanced Search and narrow with suggested subject terms once you get a list of results
    • Also limit by publication year, if desired

Praeger Security International: Terrorism, Homeland Security, Strategy

  • Provides full text access to over 600 books, commentaries, and primary sources In addition to terrorism and homeland security, includes topics such as: ethnic conflict; regional security in Asia; wars in Iraq & Afghanistan; legal & humanitarian issues; WMDs; counterinsurgency; espionage & intelligence; oil & energy; and military life & veterans affairs
  • For most efficient searching, use the Advanced Search feature, combining terms, trying out different strategies, searching at least one of them as a title word
    • For example: North Korea [title] AND nuclear [title]OR - North Korea [title] AND nuclear [keyword]
    • OR - North Korea [keyword] AND nuclear [title]

Homeland Security Digital Library

  • Provides access to "U.S. policy documents, presidential directives, and national strategy documents as well as specialized resources from universities, organizations and local and state agencies" - from the siteSearch in the Advanced Search screen, looking for your words in the title or summaryCovers a broad range of topics in addition to terrorism and homeland security including preselected resources on: climate change; energy; Hurricane Katrina; immigration; mass evacuation; pandemic & avian flu; port security; school violence; security, food & fuel; and suicide bombers
    • See FEATURED TOPICS section
    Special section linking to historical and current policy & strategy documents, directives, and legislation produced by various branches of the U.S. government
  • Special section of "recently released documents expected to influence homeland security policy and strategy development" - from the site

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See also:
Country Information Sources at http://pages.towson.edu/sara/countryinfo.html
International Law Resources at http://pages.towson.edu/sara/internatlaw.html

American Foreign Policy at http:pages.towson.edu/sara/amerifp.html The URL for this Web page is http://pages.towson.edu/sara/interrel.html

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