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Middle East Resources

***Diana Hacker has published Research and Documentation Online, a Web-accessible guide that has a section on using primary and secondary historical sources in your research. It also includes a section on formatting citations in Chicago style. Check it out before you begin your research.***

Historical Background

Oxford Islamic Studies Online (Subscription ends December 2014.)

  • ...features reference content and commentary by renowned scholars in areas such as global Islamic history, concepts, people, practices, politics, and culture, and is regularly updated - from the website
  • Includes articles from subject encyclopedias, biographies, book chapters, images & maps, primary sources, and Qur'an & concordance
  • Timeline from 542 - 2011
DS section

Historical Dictionary of..... 1995-

Historical dictionaries for each country of the Middle East and North Africa and the Kurds are shelved in Reference stacks of the library. These frequently updated dictionaries include maps, chronologies of important events and government officials, biographies, and brief articles on organizations, political parties, and significant events. Occasionally, primary documents are included. Extensive bibliographies provide supplementary resources on history, politics, economy, demography, culture, population and society for each country.

S1 F7

Historical Atlas of the Middle East
. 1993

Over 100 maps with commentary ranging in time from the ancient Middle East to the early 1990s. Arranged chronologically and grouped by periods including Arab Period, Muslim World, Crusaders and Muslims, Further Spread of Islam, Ottoman World, and Twentieth Century.


S1 B5

Atlas of Islam: 1800 - 2000 . 2010

  • 70 maps with commentary arranged by broad topics including: geography; population; history & politics; religion; and economy
  • Most extensive collection is history and politics which includes maps of the Muslim world, regions, nations, empires, wars, treaties, and organizations
  • Population maps include ethno-linguistic groups, migration, and refugees
  • Economic section has maps on the water situation in Sahara, Jordon River, Euphrates, and Tigris

Encyclopaedia of Islam. 2nd ed. 12 vol. 1954-

Comprehensive encyclopedia with authoritative articles on the Islamic world including religion, politics and culture that focus on the pre-modern period. Each article is accompanied by a bibliography, many of which indicate the consultation of non-English primary sources.


Encyclopaedia Judaica.
22 vol. 2007

Contains articles written by international scholars on all aspects of Jewish life.


Dictionary of the Ancient Near East
. 2000

Brief articles on culture and society covering the time period from Lower Palaeolithic to 539 B.C. Accompanying bibliographies direct the reader to authoritative resources on the topic. Appendix lists kings of the main dynasties chronologically.


Civilizations of the Ancient Near East. 4 vol. 1995

Encyclopedia arranged categorically, rather than alphabetically, into 11 sections. Topics include Ancient Near East and Western Thought, Environment, Population, Social Institutions, History and Culture, Economy and Trade, Technology and Artistic Production, Religion and Science, Language, Writing and Literature, Visual and Performing Arts, and Retrospective Essays. Main focus is on the civilizations that arose in Egypt, Syro-Palestine, Mesopotamia, and Anatolia. Articles are written by international scholars. Timeline of civilizations is included.


Library of Congress Country Studies Series

Originally published between 1988 - 1998 to provide U.S. government officials and citizens with information about other countries. Each book provides the historical context for the geography, society, politics, foreign policy and economics of a country. For updated country profiles see Country Profiles.

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Background on Countries and Issues
  For additional resources on country information, see Sara Nixon's Web page: Country Information Sources

Europa World Plus: Middle East and North Africa. 1964 -

  • Previously published in print, now a part of Europa World Plus
  • Older volumes available in Cook Library 5th floor stacks: DS49 M5
  • Click on Middle East and North Africa for information arranged by country, providing a comprehensive survey of the current political and economic situation in each country, accompanied by a statistical survey.
  • Survey essays within this regional section have covered various topics such as Arab-Israeli Relations 1967- date, Iraq in Transition, Documents on Palestine, Islamist Movement in the Middle East and North Africa and Oil in the Middle East and North Africa.

Center for Muslim - Christian Understanding [Georgtown University]

  • Provides links to faculty articles and news pieces, occasional papers, and archived multimedia of events

Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East & North Africa
. 4 vol. 2004

Generally, brief articles, arranged alphabetically, written by Middle East scholars on culture and society, people, places, organizations, and issues, each accompanied by a selected bibliography. Includes articles on foreign relations between countries such as Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and the U.S. and the Middle East. Also includes maps, genealogies, and a thematic index of articles.


Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World.
4 vols. 1995

Scholarly articles focused on the modern period from the late 18th century, reflect the influence of Islam globally. Covers Muslim politics, society and culture and includes bibliographies. Includes regional and country overviews (For example, Islam in the U.S.).


Encyclopedia of the Palestinians
. 2005

Articles written by scholars on the modern period from the late Ottoman era, but focusing mostly on the 20th century. Topics range from people and places to politics, economics, arts, education, literature, water, and women.

A58 P65

Political Handbook of the Middle East. 2006

Political profiles of each country in the Middle East including political background, foreign relations, constitution & government, political groups, legislature, and communications.


Political Encyclopedia of the Middle East
. 1999

Emphasis on the political events that occurred between the 1970s - 1990s. Articles on each state in the region as well as regional issues such as Arab Nationalism, Arab-Israel Conflict and Peacemaking, Islamic Radicalism and Movements, Water Politics, Military Forces, Oil, Non-Conventional Weapons, Refugees and Migrants, Terrorism and Women. Articles also cover religious and ethnic groups and political leaders, parties, and movements. Contributors consist of international Middle East scholars.


The Middle East: A Political Dictionary
. 1992

  • Topically arranged articles categorized under sections on Political Geography and Geopolitics, Islam, Ehtnicity and Political Culture, Political Parties and Movements, Israelis and Palestinians, Diplomacy, and Conflict
  • Focus on events, movements and institutions that took place during the second half of the 20th century
  • Each entry is accompanied by an analytical section that discusses the meaning of the entry
  • Alphabetic index directs the reader to specific topics within the topical arrangement

Atlas of Middle Eastern Affairs . 2010

  • Includes sections covering: context of the region in world affairs and geographically and historically; geographical themes of petroleum, water, and boundaries; common concerns of each state; and conflicts arising from relations within, between and among the states

Atlas of the Middle East. 2003 [National Geographic Society]

  • Includes maps of nations, regional themes including physical geography, climate, water, oil, population, ethnic and linguistic groups, religion, development indicators, and regional conflicts from 1945-2002.

State of the Middle East: An Atlas of Conflict and Resolution. 2006

  • Maps arranged in three parts: Shaping of the Middle East; Arenas of Conflict; and State of the Nations
  • Cover history, conflict by country, and social, cultural, and economic issues of the region
  • Each topic is accompanied by a narrative
  • Other features include chronologies, charts and graphs
S1 G5

Routledge Atlas of the Arab-Israeli Conflict. 2002

  • Maps covering the time period from 1000 BC to 2001
  • Arranged in the following categories: Prelude to Conflict; Jewish National Home; Conflict Intensifies; State of Israel; After the Six Day War; Yom Kippur War; Camp David and Afterward
  • Maps accompanied by insets with narrative that provides context

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U.S. - Middle East Relations

  For additional resources see Sara Nixon's Web site on American Foreign Policy.

Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations.
4 vols. 1997

Traces the history of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East from World War II to the mid 1990s. See the overview article on the Middle East, as well as articles on individual countries and topics such as the Gulf War of 1990, Hussein, Iran-Contra Affair, Oil and Foreign Policy, and OPEC. Accompanying bibliographies provide suggestions for further reading.


American Foreign Relations Since 1600: A Guide to the Literature.
2nd ed. 2 vols. 2003

  • Annotated list of resources published by the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations. Includes U.S. document collections, personal papers, bibliographies, historiography and biographies for a time period as well as overviews of relations between the U.S. and other countries and regions.
  • For U.S. foreign relations with the Middle East see:1:259 - 1:262 for Reference Works & Bibliographies; 2:253 - 2:262 and 2:402 - 2:427 for Overviews and Syntheses; 6:271- 6:282 for the years 1815- 1860; 13:143 - 13:175 for the years 1899-1919; All of chapter 16 for between the World Wars; and Chapter 29 for the years since 1961, which lists resources by country and issues, such as oil, Arab nationalism, Islam & Orientalism, terrorism, Arab-Israeli conflict, nuclear weapons, water, and crises/wars.
  • Regional/country references include books and some journal articles
  • To determine if any of the items that you find are available in the Cook Library or another USM library, check the USMAI Catalog for books and the Journal List for access to journals that Cook Library owns

United States in the Middle East: A Historical Dictionary. 1988

  • Although dated, this volume focuses primarily on diplomats, scholars, and others involved in U.S. - Middle East relations between 1831 - 1986.
  • Supplemental features include a chronology, listings of individuals by profession and occupation, chiefs of American diplomatic missions, and a bibliograhical essay describing important books that document the relationship between the two regions


Shelved in the 5th floor stacks

American Secretaries of State and Their Diplomacy. 20 vols. 1963 -

  • This series begins with Robert R. Livingston, who served as Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the Continental Congress from 1781 - 1783, to Cyrus Vance, who served as Secretary of State from 1977 - 1980 under President Jimmy Carter.
  • Each volume is enhanced by notes that reference primary sources and a topical index.


Shelved in the 5th floor stacks

The United States in World Affairs. Annual. 1931 - 1971 [Council on Foreign Relations]

  • Annual highlights of U.S. foreign relations
  • Articles on the Middle East (e.g. Palestine, Iran, Turkey, Suez Canal) begin to appear in the late 1940s -
  • Cites primary sources
Primary Sources See help guide that offers strategies for finding primary resources.

Congressional Monitor

  • "...Tracks every legislative initiative introduced in the U.S. Congress from 2006 - that mentions Palestine or Israel or has bearing on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict." - from the site

Frontline Diplomacy

  • Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection of the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training
  • Transcripts of interviews with U.S. diplomatic personnel
  • Mostly Foreign Service Officers, with some political appointees and other officials
  • Focus on post-World War II diplomacy from late 1940s to the 1990s with a few from 1920s - 1930s
  • Browse by interviewee or broad subjects such as Berlin Airlift/Wall, Cuban Missile Crisis, Hungarian Revolution of 1956, Israel-Arab War/ Six Day War, Kremlin/Politburo, Nuclear Nonproliferation, NAFTA, Suez Crisis
  • For a more specific topic, search for words in the full text of interviews

Open CRS:Congressional Research Reports for the People

  • Prepared by staff of the Library of Congress Congressional Research Service and are intended to provide an overview of the legislative topics being addressed by the U.S. Congress
  • Intended to provide fact-rich, unbiased, non-technical background information on policy issues, including foreign relations between the United States and other countries and regions of the world
  • Web site allows keyword searching of and provides summaries for over 8,000 CRS Reports
  • zFacts is another service that provides access to about 16,000 research reports.
  • University of North Texas Libraries includes CRS reports back to 1990.

U.S. Government


U.S. Department of State
  • Includes documents from 1998 to date
  • Documents from 1990-1997 available through U.S. Department of State Electronic Archives at University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Check A-Z List of Countries to link to Background Notes, Library of Congress Country Studies, and/or USAID Country Pages
  • Browse for current reports on U.S. relations with specific countries
  • U.S. Department of State Dispatch
    • Available online from 1993 - 1999
    • Continues the Department of State Bulletin and is available in hardcopy in the periodical stacks on the 2nd floor of Cook Library, 1990 - 1999
  • Videos of daily press briefings

Department of State Bulletin. 1946 - 1989

  • Available in the periodical stacks on the 2nd floor of Cook Libary.

Search the Office of the Historian site for links to:

  • Principal Officers of the Department and U.S. Chiefs of Mission - 1778 - up to 2 years ago
    • Indexed by country and by official
  • Visits to the U.S. by Foreign Heads of State and Government - 1874 - up to 1 year ago
    • Arranged by year
  • Presidents and Secretaries of State Foreign Travels - 1906 - up to 2 years ago
    • Search by president, secretary, or destination
  • Timeline of U.S. Diplomatic History - 1776 - 1889
    • Accompanied by brief articles with suggested readings
  • Additional governement sites that provide historical information and the Presidential libraries

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NARA Presidential Libraries and Museum Page

Provides links to U.S. Presidential libraries, which provide selected primary sources. Also explains various types of presidential documents and how they can be useful in your research.

In the Diplomacy and Foreign Policy section of this site, you will find links to other primary sources such as the U.S. State Department publications, including many of the volumes of Foreign Relations of the U.S. (FRUS) published since 1945. Series presents the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity. Online volumes drawn from the Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon/Ford administrations.
University of Wisconsin Libraries
provides electronic access and keyword searching to a substantial run of those volumes published between 1861-1960.

Cook Library also owns print copies of Foreign Relations of the U.S. from 1861 to most current available, which run behind by over thirty years. These can be found on the 5th floor of the library with the call number KZ233 U55.


Shelved in the 5th floor stacks

Documents on American Foreign Relations. 1938 - 1970
[World Peace Foundation/Council on Foreign Relations]

  • Collection of documents selected for their significance to U.S. foreign relations. Published annually. not limited to U.S. government sources.
  • Documents are accompanied by introductory historical essays in the later volumes. primary sources
  • American Foreign Relations, published from 1971-1978 continues the set.


Shelved in the 5th floor stacks

Dynamics of World Power: A Documentary History of United States Foreign Policy, 1945 - 1973

  • Primary sources including statements by U.S. officials, policy directives, diplomatic communications, and interntational agreements
  • Areas covered include: Western Europe; Eastern Europe & Soviet Union; Latin America; Far East; United Nations; and Subsaharan Africa

Historic Documents. Annual. 1972-

  • Current five years are shelved in the Reference stacks, earlier years are in the general stacks on the 5th floor of the library.
  • Primary sources and excerpts of primary sources that chronicle the events of each year from 1972 to date.
  • Although the documents selected represent worldwide events, the main focus is on the U.S.
  • Thematic Table of Contents provides quick access to documents regarding International Affairs - Middle East or use the Cumulative Index, especially by country name.
  • Sources are drawn from the U.S. government, non-U.S. governments, and NGOs.


  • Organization that publishes primary sources concerning world affairs that might not be readily available elsewhere
  • Try searching for primary sources by specific country
  • If you have difficulty viewing these reports, copy and paste the title of the item into Google, to look for access elsewhere
  • NOTE: See the PBS Frontline site: WikiSecrets for background information on WikiLeaks

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Foreign Government and Organizational Sources


Middle East

Following is a selection of Web sites that provide full text access to mostly current primary documents.

For additional government sources from a particular country, try searching the Yahoo Directory at http://dir.yahoo.com Once in the Yahoo Directory:

  • Type the name of a country and the word government for a list of links to branches of government from a country
  • Type the name of a country and the word news for a list of links to news sources from a country

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Links to many primary sources including communiques, policy statements, documents, speeches, and treaties. Topical arrangement of sources covering antisemitism and the Holocaust, terrorism and the peace process. Links to other Web sites on archaeology, culture, society, health, business, education, and media in Israel.


MIFTAH: Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy

"...a non-governmental non-partisan Jerusalem-based institution dedicated to fostering democracy and good governance within Palestinian society through promoting public accountability, transparency, the free flow of information and ideas, and the challenging of stereotyping at home and abroad." - from the site

Primary sources include: press releases; online petitions; reports; polls; maps; letters & speeches; agreements & treaties; and UN resolutions.


King Hussein of Jordan

  • Select group of speeches, letters, interviews and press conferences from 1988- 1999.

King Abdullah of Jordan

  • Initiatives, royal speeches, letters and op-eds, and interviews. Background information on the Hashemites, royal court and palaces, and Jordon.

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British Foreign & Commonwealth Office


Archives Editions

  • Although this publisher's site does not provide direct access to these British government documents, it lists compilations of documents that it has published on the Middle East by title and by subject.
  • Once in the list of Middle East titles, you can sort by topic or country
  • Click on a title of interest to read an extensive description of the collection.
  • Next check in WorldCat, the online database available through the Cook Library Web Site, to determine if any libraries in the MD/DC area have the title. Georgetown University Library in DC owns a significant number of them.
Organizational Sites


A37 Y4

United Nations

Search the entire UN site by keyword or browse through the sections on United Nations: A Question of Palestine, UN Relief and Works for Palestine Refugees, Situation in the Middle East, on the peace process, or the Situation in Iraq.

Yearbook of the United Nations, 1947 - (some years missing) primary source
Five current years kept in Reference. Earlier editions in general stacks on the 5th floor of the library

Each yearbook presents comprehensive coverage of the U.N.'s activities for the year. The texts of major resolutions and decisions, as well as the accompanying procedural details and recorded or roll-call votes, of the General Assemby, the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council are reproduced or summarized.


European Union

Various sections of EU's Web site deal with its relation to the Middle East.

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Resource Directories of Primary and Secondary Sources

Access to Mideast and Islamic Resources

  • Search engine providing keyword access to open access material (primarily secondary sources) relating to the Middle East


  • Provides a collection of images of the Middle East from " original phototgraphs, post cards, historical documents and art objects from Levant, Mesopotamia, and Egypt"....some dating back to the mid-1800s
  • Search by keyword or browse by city, religion, people, design & architecture, or historic event
  • See the detailed search for additional options

AL-BAB: An Open Door to the Arab world

  • Links to Web sites that have been chosen to educate readers about the Arab world.
  • As an aide to visitors to this Web site, the source of a linked Web site is noted, especially if it's sponsor might reflect a bias.
  • The Documents section of this site provides links to primary sources from modern history
  • Make sure to check the News section - Scroll down slightly and you'll see on the menu on the left, listings for blogs, latest news, newspapers, and useful news sources
    • Also check through country briefings, by country, for reports on topics of current interest

The Middle East 1916 - 2010 : A Documentary Record

The Avalon Project at Yale University provides links to primary documents regarding the Middle East from United States, Britain, the United Nations and other sources.


Islam and Islamic Studies Resources: For Studying Islam and the Diverse Perspectives of Muslims

Continually updated site that provides links to current news stories and links to other Web sites arranged by topics including Sunni, Shi'ism, Sufism, Muslim Women, Qur'an, Jihad, Islam history,culture and society.


Foundation for Middle East Peace

Organization formed to promote and educate the American public about a peaceful solution for both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Focus placed on the Israeli settlements in the occupied territories and their relationship to the peace process. Provides reports with analysis, maps, and statistics on the settlements. The Resources section includes the full text of official documents related to the peace process. Includes primary sources.



MidEast Web - Middle East Conflict

Web site maintained by a group of people, mostly from the Middle East, to promote Arab Jewish dialog and peace education. Provides current news stories and various sources of information on the Middle East. Includes full text of peace process documents and historical and political maps. Includes primary sources.

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Voice of the Shuttle: Middle East History

  • Links to reputable Web sites (or Web directories) that consist of primary and secondary sources on the Middle East.
  • Web sites are arranged under the topics:General; Byzantium; Crusades; Egyypt; Iran (and Persia); Iraq (and Babylon & Mesopotamia); Israel (and Palestine); and Turkey.


  • Guide to information related to the study of the Ancient Near East
  • Provides electronic access to a bibliography of primary and secondary sources of information on the Middle East.
  • Allows keyword searching of content.

Internet History Sourcebooks Project

This resource created by Professor Paul Halsall and hosted by Fordham University provides links to historical texts that are freely available on the Web. There are various sections of this site that provide materials related to the Middle East. These include the Ancient History Sourcebook, the Medieval Sourcebook, the Middle East since 1914, and sections on Islamic and the Jewish history.
Primary sources

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Using Indexes and Databases to Find Articles, News and Interviews

The following research databases, which index primarily secondary, but some primary sources, are available only through the Cook Library Web site. To access these from off campus, you will be prompted to enter your 14-digit Library ID on the front of your Towson University OneCard and your last name.


Academic Search
. 1990-

Multidisciplinary online database that indexes English-language articles from magazines, journals, and newspapers. Many of the articles indexed here are available electronically or in print through Cook Library. Once you're in Academic Search, you might want to click on the CHOOSE DATABASES tab to search other EBSCO databases such as Humanties Abstracts, MasterFILE, and Social Sciences Abstracts at the same time for additional resources.


Historical Abstracts
. 1954-

Indexes articles from scholarly journals in social, polical, and economic history. Content focus is on countries other than United States and Canada, covering the time period from 1450 to present. Some of the articles indexed are available electronically or in print through Cook Library.


America: History and Life
. 1954-

Indexes articles from scholarly journals in social, polical, and economic history. Content focus is on the United States and Canada, covering the time period from 1450 to present. Some of the articles indexed are available electronically or in print through Cook Library.



Search and access the full text of 450 major scholarly journals in all disciplines from their first issue up to four years ago. Coverage complements the more current coverage of the EBSCO databases, America History & Life, and Historical Abstracts.


World News Digest [Formerly Facts on File]

  • Check out special Research Feature - Focus On: Unrest in the Arab World ,which includes reports and articles chronologically arranged on uprisings in Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Oman, Syria, Tunisia, and Yemen
  • Read about U.S. policy regarding the 'Arab Spring' Movement and note left menu bar which leads to Overviews on Issues and Controversies regarding relations with the U.S.
News & Interviews

LexisNexis Academic

Provides full text of current newspaper articles from major international English-language newspapers,including New York Times (1980 - ) and Washington Post (1977 - ) and news transcripts from U.S. networks, U.S. government and Al-Jazeera.

  • For a search of Major World Papers, click on Power Search from the entry page of LexisNexis
  • Click on show options to search for words in the headline and lead paragraph (HLEAD)
  • For news from the Middle East, click on the Sources tab, Browse Sources > Countries > Middle East > News and then select the sources that you want to search . Full text of Jerusalem Post (1989 - ), Al-Bawaba (11/2002 - ), and
    Mideast Mirror (12/1993 - )
    • For interviews, select News Transcripts, including , and search the word 'interview' and a person's name (e.g. interview and saddam hussein) in the HEADLINE field
      • Change Specify date as desired
    • For a broader selection of news transcripts, click on the Sources tab, Browse Sources >News > News Transcripts, and select from other transcripts in LexisNexis
    • To search all transcripts at once, click in the box next to Transcripts
  • For news conferences between heads of state, select Federal News Service (1988 to current) and CQ Transcripts (1995 to current), then type in keywords in the search fields (For example, try searching ...bush... [HEADLINE] and ...hussein... [HLEAD] and see what you get.)
  • Other transcripts that may prove useful are National Narrowcast (10/1993- 7/2000), CQ Congressional Testimony (7/1993 to current), and FDCH News Service Capitol Report (1995 - 9/1999) - Click on "i" to learn what each resource covers

There are various Web sources that provide up-to-date world news other than newspaper home pages. For example, try CNN or BBC. Both Google and Yahoo provide links to news stories, arranged by world region, from a wide variety of sources. To locate stories on a particular country in Google News, type in the name of the country.Yahoo also provides access to stories by country.

Historical New York Times
(1851-2006); New York Times
(1980 to current)

Provides full text and full image of all articles.
Current New York Times articles are available through both LexisNexis Academic and National Newspapers databases.


Historical Baltimore Sun (1837 - 1985); Baltimore Sun (1990 to current)

Provides full text and full image of all articles.
Issues for 1986 - 1989 are available on microfilm on the 2nd floor of Cook Library.

The following print resources index magazine, journal, and newspaper articles that were published earlier than the online databases cover. They index material published in English from the 18th century to the first half of the 20th century. They are shelved on the back wall of the main (3rd) floor of Cook Library. Those articles that were published during the time of an event would be considered primary sources

Palmer's Index to the Times Newspaper (London). 1785-

The Times of London is available on microfilm in the Periodicals Room on the 2nd floor of Cook Library.


International Index to Periodicals, Devoted Chiefly to Humanities and Science. 1907- 1964.

  • Indexed scholarly/professional journals
  • Continued by Social Sciences & Humanities Index 1966 - 1974 [Ref A13 S6]
  • Continued by Social Sciences Index 1974 -1997. [Ref A13 S611]

Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature . 1900 - 1997.

  • Indexed general interest and news magazines
  • Continues Poole's Index to Periodical Literature 1890 - 1899 [Ref A13 P7]

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Current News Sources from the Web


  • Independent ezine lauched by the Arab Studies Institute in July 2010, by writers affiliated with the Arab Studies Journal
  • Not all articles are in English
  • Search by keyword, or browse archives by month or by country: Bahrain; Libya-Yemen; Egypt-Tunisia; or Syria, or check out arab uprisings updates

Al-Jazeera: Middle East

  • Reports on current news in the Middle East
  • Search by keyword, for example, Arab uprisings

Middle East Channel

  • Blog produced by New America Foundation Middle East Task Force and the Project on Middle East Political Science
  • Contributors include academics, former policymakers, journalists, and political analysts
  • Scope includes: "Israel and its neighbors, Iran's nuclear program and domestic politics, Iraq, Islamist movements, the Gulf, Turkey, and North Africa, and the struggle for reform and democracy." - from the website

Qantara.de: Dialogue with the Islamic World

  •  A German site organized by the Federal Center for Political Education and the Institue for the Foreign Cultural Relations and funded by the German Foreign Office
  • Provides current news on the Arab world with sections on politics, society, and culture
  • Check out the dossier: Uprisings in the Arab World, which includes commentaries, essays, and interviews

Arab Spring [from HNN: History News Network]

  • HNN's mission is to provide a historical perspective on current issues
  • Includes commentaries, videos, and links to relevant websites

International Crisis Group: Working to Prevent Conflict Worldwide: Middle East & North Africa

  • Publishes monthly briefings and annual reports on conflict situations worldwide
  • Also includes commentary, speeches, podcasts, and multimedia
  • See Uprisings in the Arab World

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The URL for this document is http://pages.towson.edu/sara/mideast.htm
See also: Country Information Sources at http://pages.towson.edu/sara/countryinfo.html

American Foreign Policy at http://pages.towson.edu/sara/amerifp.html
Thanks to Dr. Kimberly Katz for her assistance in the selection of materials for this Web site.

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