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POSC432: American - Russian Relations

Johnson's Russia List

Overview: Historical to Current

These resources will provide you with descriptive information on issues and countries. Additional resources are listed on Sara Nixon's International Relations and Country Information Web sites.

Overview: American Foreign Policy

Open CRS:Congressional Research Reports for the People
CRS Reports are prepared by staff of the Library of Congress Congressional Research Service and are intended to provide an overview of the legislative topics being addressed by the U.S. Congress. They are meant to provide fact-rich, unbiased, non-technical background information on policy issues.

This Web site allows keyword searching of and provides summaries for over 12,600 CRS Reports that are available through various repositories sponsored by organizations such as National Council on Science and the Environment, Federation of American Scientists, and Thurgood Marshall Law Library at University of Maryland School of Law.

2ACT is another service that provides access to about 16,000 research reports.
University of North Texas Libraries includes CRS reports back to 1990.
Some examples:


Encyclopedia of U.S. Foreign Relations. 4 vols. 1997

Traces the history of U.S. foreign policy regarding countries including Russia and the former Soviet Union, Iran, Korea and issues including Antiballistic Missile Treaty, Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, Comprehenisive Test Ban Treaty, Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, Nuclear Nonproliferation, Nuclear Weapons and Strategy, Human Rights, Oil and Foreign Policy, Nongovernmental Organizaions, Accompanying bibliographies provide suggestions for further reading.


Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy. 3v. 2001
Includes topics such as Arms Control and Disarmament, Deterrance, Nuclear Strategy and Diplomacy, Cold War, Post-Cold War Policy, Oil, Human Rights.


American Foreign Relations Since 1600: A Guide to the Literature.
2nd ed. 2 vols. 2003

Annotated list of resources published by the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations. Includes U.S. document collections, personal papers, bibliographies, historiography and biographies for a time period as well as overviews of relations between the U.S. and other countries and regions.

For U.S. foreign relations with Russia, check Chapter 31: US and New Cold War under Carter and Reagan: US - Soviet Relations, pp.1846-52 and Chapter 32: US and End of Cold War and After: End of Cold War and the Soviet Union, pp.1871-74.

Check for availability of books of interest that you find in the Towson and/or USMAI Catalog. Check for availability of journal articles from the Cook Library Web site, by checking the Journals List to see if the library subscribes to the journal/newspaper/magazine that you want.

Overview: Russia

Europa World Plus

  • Accessible with your TU NetID
  • Content consists of the current edition of Europa World Year Book and the regional breakout for Eastern Europe, Russian and Central Asia, which contains political and economic profiles of nations from this area of the world
  • In additon to country profiles, each regional volume contains timely essays on issues affecting that region
  • Older editions back to 2002, are housed in the 5th floor book stacks of Cook Library - DJK1 E2
HC340.12 A1

OECD Economic Surveys: Russian Federation. [annual]

  • Includes sections on Sustaining Growth, Industrial Competitiveness, Natural Gas, Power Sector Restructuring, and Banking Reform.
  • For this and other current OECD publications, search Business Source Complete

Business Source Complete [EBSCO]

  • Available through Cook Library Web site under Research Databases. When off campus, you will be prompted to enter your TowsonU NetID.
  • This database provides full text access to Country Review (CountryWatch), Country Monitor (Global Insight), Country Profile and Country Report (Economist Intelligence Unit), and Political Risk Yearbook: Country Forecasts and Country Conditions.
  • Although the emphasis of some of these publications is economic, basic country information and extensive current political profiles are included.
  • Country Review, Country Profile, and the Political Risk Yearbook are published annually. Country Report and Country Monitor offer monthly updates.
  • NOTE:There may not be a report for every country in each (or any) of the six publications
    • Once in Business Source Complete, click on the Advanced Search tab
    • Type the name of the country you are researching in the first box and change Select a Field to SU Subject Terms
    • Click on Search
    • Once you get a list of results, click on the box next to Country Reports on the menu bar on the left of the screen
    • To limit your search to the politics of a country, add politic* to your search (e.g. russia and politic* [SU Subject Terms]
    • To limit your search to one or all of the publications listed above:
      • Click on Publication
      • Click in front of the one/s you want to include in your search

Analysis: Secondary Sources

ISN: International Relations & Security Network

Russian Analytical Digest

  • Provides overviews of "political, economic, and social developments in Russia and its regions, and looks at Russia's role in international relations" - from the Web site
  • Use Advanced Search
  • Scroll down results page to see items sorted by type: Publications; Chapters; Primary Resources: Security Watch

Use Cook OneSearch to find articles and/or books and think tank websites to find resources on analysis of issues relevant for this course. Here are some strategies for finding this type of information.

  • Click on the Cook OneSearch icon from the Cook Library homepage and once on the basic search screen, click on the Advanced Search link.
  • If you want to separate your results by format, limit your search to books, by checking off USMAI Catalog or for scholarly articles, by checking off peer-reviewed
    • You will need to supply your TU NetID and password to access journal articles from off campus)
    • Beware that selecting peer-reviewed articles will eliminate the most current information that you might get from magazines. For more current articles check off newspapers and/or magazines
  • For example: russia and nuclear [SUBJECT TERMS] and decommission* or stockpil* or waste or disposal [Select a Field ]

Search Google with keywords and site:org and you will retrieve a list of analytical sources from think tanks

  • For example: russia iran nuclear site:org will bring up resources from organizations like Globalsecurity.org, Nuclear Threat Initiative [NTI], Arms Control Association, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, International Institute for Strategic Studies, Center for Defense Information [CDI] and Council on Foreign Relations
  • For example: chechnya site:org will produce a list of results from organizations like Human Rights Watch, Global Issues, Council on Foreign Relations, and Rand
  • Or you could try the search engines: Non-governmental Organizations Search or Intergovernmental Organization Search Engine

Homeland Security Digital Library
[TU users only, with your TU NetID and password from off campus]

  • This full text database contains a wealth of primary and secondary sources from the U.S. government and unaffiliated organizations and research institutes

Praeger Security International [TU users only]

  • Search for online books published by Praeger Security International publisher including topics such as security, nuclear arms, and ethnic conflict
  • An example: Global Security Watch - Russia: A Reference Handbook (2010)

CIAO [TU users only]

"Columbia International Affairs Online (CIAO) is the most comprehensive source for theory and research in international affairs. It publishes a wide range of scholarship from 1991 onward that includes working papers from university research institutes, occasional papers series from NGOs, foundation-funded research projects, proceedings from conferences, books, journals and policy briefs." - from the site

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Primary Sources: United States

U.S. Department of State

  • Try a country search on Russia, which will link to various types of publications and major reports produced by the State Department

FDsys: Federal Digital System

  • Portal to current federal documents (replaces GPO)
  • Includes publications such as the Compilation of Presidential Documents and Congressional publications
  • Try the Advanced Search feature for fine-tuned searching

Google Search

  • Search Google with a strategy that incorporates your topic and searches .gov domain
    • For example: abm russia site:gov This will bring up resources from US government Web sites
    • For example: caspian oil site:gov
    • Once on a Web site, explore it THOROUGHLY

LexisNexis Academic [TU users only]

Provides full text of political transcripts from U.S. Federal News Service and FDCH News Service including FDCH Political Transcripts and Congressional Testimony, interviews, speeches and GAO reports. Also includes statements of visiting dignitaries.

  • Click on the Sources tab on the left side of the homepage and then Browse Sources
    • Select Country ( United States) > News > News Transcripts > and check off those transcripts that you want to search including and
    • Below the search box, click on show options to search specific document sections
    • Search HEADLINE (For example, chech! = chechen or chechnya or chechnia)
      • If this search yields over 3000 results, try adding another search term
      • If you want more results, search HLEAD (headline and lead paragraph)
      • search by names, if desired (e.g. obama, bush, rumsfeld, fleischer)
  • Results arranged in reverse chronological order by publication date
    • To move longer "more relevant" resources to the top, change Publication Date to Relevance at the top of the results list
  • To limit your results by length of article, search section LENGTH, >1000 (for example)
  • If desired, limit specify date option from all available dates to previous year, date is between )

LexisNexis also provides full text of world newspapers. Search these from the entry screen of LexisNexis using a Power Search.


National Newspapers [TU users only]

Provides full text access to four U.S. newspapers including the New York Times, Washington Post, Christian Science Monitor, and the Wall Street Journal, back to the mid-1980s.

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Primary Sources: Russia

LexisNexis Academic
[TU users only]

" "Kremlin Package" consists of same day, English translations of verbatim transcripts of press conferences and speeches in the USSR by [Putin, Medvedev] Gorbachev,Shevardnadze, Ligachev, Yeltsin, Gerasimov, Maslennikov, Minister of Defense,Chairman of KBG, etc." - Direct quote taken from the LexisNexis Web site

  • Click on Sources tab on left side of the homepage, and then Browse Sources
  • Select Country > then Russia > then News
    • Select Newswires for , , TASS, and any other resources that look promising
      • Official Kremlin Intl News Broadcasts has primary sources such as speeches, interviews, and press conferences
  • Scroll down the search screen and seleect HLEAD as Section and enter search terms
    • For example: chech! (! = The way to search for chechen or chechnya or chechnia)
  • If you get more than 3000 results message, click on edit search and add another search term OR limit specify date of your search from all available dates to previous year, date is between )
    • Another way to limit your search is by length of article
      • In Section, highlight Length > and then type in 500 (words), for example
  • Results arranged in reverse chronological order by publication date
    • To move longer "more relevant" resources to the top, change Publication Date to Revelance at the top of the results list

Select Country > Russia > Newspapers for the Moscow News, Moscow Times, and Russian Press Digest and other publications, if you are researching business/economic news


: World News from World Newspapers

  • "Worldpress.org is a nonpartisan magazine whose mission is to foster the international exchange of perspectives and information. It contains articles reprinted from the press outside the United States, as well as originally written material. " - from the Web site
  • Provides links to Russian news sources , indicating political bent, as well as to Russian blogs

The World Press

  • Provides links to current news coverage from over 5,204 news sources, mostly in English, from 192 countries, including Russia

Academic Search Premier [TU users only]

Indexed the Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press (1996 to 2010), which was superceded by the Current Digest of the Russian Press in 2011. Cook Library owns in print from 1992 - 2004. Later issues available from other USMAI libraries through ILLiad. Cook also owns the Current Digest of the Soviet Press from 1949-1991.

  • Click on the words Advanced search
    • Type your search words in the search boxes, as desired
    • On the search screen under Limit Your Results, next to the box labeled Publication, type current digest

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