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Research Methods in the Social Sciences:Background Sources

In print only:
H62 P3234

Key Concepts in Social Research. 2004

  • Provides simple explanations of 50 key concepts
  • Table of Contents
  • Each 5 page article provides a one sentence definition, outline of points covered, reference to other related/relevant topics, important keywords, and a list of references- general and examples of the concept in use
In print only:
H62 S274

Sage Dictionary of Social Research Methods . 2006

  • Covers many terms covering the themes of philosophy of science, research paradigms and designs, specific aspects of data collection, issues faced by researchers, role of research based on function and context
  • Each signed article includes a definition, distinctive features, evaluation, a list of associated concepts and key readings
  • Includes a subject index

Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods. 2003

  • Also available in a 3 volume set in the Cook Library Reference stacks - Ref H62 S34 2004
  • Themes such as: analysis of variance; association & correlation; basic qualitative research; basic statistics; econometrics; ethnography; experimental design;feminist methodology;interviewing;multilevel analysis; sampling; scaling; and survey design
  • Each signed article is accompanied by a short list of references for further reading
  • Includes an extensive bibliography and subject index

Encyclopedia of Survey Research Methods
. 2008

  • Provides basic information on survey methods and errors
  • Themes covered include: ethics; measurement; nonresponse; operations;political election & polling; public opinion; sampling, coverage, and weighting;survey industry; and survey statistics
  • Includes a subject index

In print only:
H62 S25

Sage Qualitative Research Kit. 2007

  • Multivolume set including:Designing Qualitative ResearchDoing Interviews; Doing Ethnographic and Observational Research; Doing Focus Groups; Using Visual Data in Qualitative Research; Analyzing Qualitative Data; Doing Conversation, Discourse and Document Analysis; and Managing Quality in Qualitative Research
  • Each volume includes a glossary, bibliographical references, and subject/author indexes

Sage Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods. 2008

  • Covers major aspects of qualitative research including gaining access to research participants, data coding, research ethics, and the role of theory in qualitative research
  • Each signed article provides an introduction to a concept and is accompanied by key readings on the subject
In print only:
H62 H2455

Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research. 2005

  • Table of Contents
  • Contributed articles with extensive bibliographies accompanying each
  • Some recently included topics are indigenous, narrative, and analytic arts-based inquires; decolonizing, analytic, and Foucault's methodologies; critical, performance and online ethography;critical humanism and queer theory; talk & text, focus groups and critical pedagogy;and poetics

Using Secondary Data in Educational and Social Research. 2008

  • Appendix I includes a description of sources of secondary data in the UK and United States

Encyclopedia of Evaluation. 2004

  • Also available in the Cook Library Reference stacks - Ref H62 E53 2005
  • Table of Contents
  • Covers the practice, profession, and discipline of evaluation
  • Most signed articles are accompanied by further readings

Encyclopedia of Measurement and Statistics. 2006

  • Table of Contents
  • Some categories include: Charts, Graphs & Visual Displays; Concepts & Issues; Descriptive/Inferential Statistics; Experimental Methods; Prediction; Probability; Sampling; Statistical Tests by Name; and Statistical Techniques
  • Appendices include: Ten Commandments of Data Collection; Internet Sites about Statistics; a glossary; and bibliography

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