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Finding Resources on Social Media

Overviews & Definitions

There are various resources that provide definitions of terms, authors who write about, and overviews of topics related to social media, including encyclopedias in the Reference Collection on the main floor of Cook Library, as well as online encyclopedias and research databases. Some sources that might be useful are listed below.

For a list of additional sources that available in print on the main floor of the library in the Reference section, See: Social Media: Additional Resources.

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Check the Library Catalog for books available at Cook Library. If you want a larger selection of books available in all of the University System of Maryland libraries, check the USMAI Catalog.

  • A good way to search for books on social media, is to change word/s anywhere to subject beginning with... and try some of the following searches:
    • social media
    • online social networks
    • digital communication social aspects
    • internet social aspects
    • cyberspace social aspects
    • digital media social aspects
    • blogs
    • internet additiction
    • online identities
    • internet and teenagers
    • internet and children
Magazine, Newspaper, & Journal Articles

There are numerous databases in different disciplines that will provide articles on various aspects of social media. Probably the most useful for this course will be a combined search using: Academic Search, Communication & Mass Media Complete, PsycINFO, Social Sciences Abstracts and SocINDEX, which are all EBSCO databases, so they can be searched simultaneously

  • Go into Academic Search , then choose databases and add the others listed above
  • The research databases often use the same subject words that are used in the Library Catalog

Pew Internet

  • Aproject of the Pew Research Center which provides data and research reports on various aspects of the Internet
  • See the section on Social Networking and a list of other topics including blogs, mobile, podcasting, and video
  • View the report on Social Media and Young Adults

The URL for this Web page is http://pages.towson.edu/sara/social_media.html

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