Language Development

in Internationally Adopted Children

Internationally adopted children come from China, Russia, Korea, Guatemala, Ukraine, India, Costa Rica, and many other countries of the world.  No matter which country the child is from, adoptive parents have questions about language development.  Unlike feeding, crawling, or other abilities that develop continuously before and after adoption, internationally adopted children have to switch their learning over to a new language.  This web site is designed to provide answers to the many questions parents and professionals have about language learning following international adoption. 

Irina and Irina, toddler friends from the same Russian Baby Home, meet again in the U.S. as 3 year olds

Russia St. Basil's Cathedral

How Does Orphanage Care Affect Language?

Pre-Adoption Questions to Ask about Language

China Forbidden City

Language Development in the Adopted Infant and Toddler

Language Learning in Children Adopted at Older Ages

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