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Harry Zhou


Professor appointed in 2000

Department of Computer & Information Sciences

Towson University

Towson Maryland 21252



7800 York Road, Suite 474


(410) 704-2894


(410) 704-3868







Ph.D. in Computer Science, Vanderbilt University, 1987.

M.S. in Computer Science, Vanderbilt University, 1984.





·  8/1989-present - Professor, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Towson University. Towson, MD

·  11/1987-8/1989 - Research Professor, Institute for Artificial Intelligence, George Washington University. Washington, DC

·  9/1985-11/1987 - Instructor, Department of Computer Science, Vanderbilt University. Nashville, TN



Research Areas

Data Mining, Machine Learning, Expert Systems, Decision-support Systems, Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Investment


 Research Grants

·         Maryland Industrial Partnerships grant in the amount of $141,686 to develop a set of knowledge mining and integration technologies to enhance the capabilities and scalability of Kaelo®, an automated tool for assessing the effectiveness of the board and management of public companies. 2012

·         Outreach Technologies Grant in the amount of $38,836

·         National Science Foundation grant in the amount of $30,000

·         Outreach Technologies grant in the amount of $48,172

·         National Science Foundation grant (#96522936) in the amount of $170,000

·         National Science Foundation grant (#9651044) in the amount of $74,374


Selected Publications   

  • H. Zhou and Y Zheng, “IDA: an intelligent document analysis system for evaluating corporate governance practices based on SEC required filings”. P50-62. Vol 3, No. 2.  International Journal of Software Innovation. IGI publishing. ISSN: 2166-7160. 2015

  • H. Zhou and D. Li, "An Intelligent Tutoring System with An Automated Knowledge Acquisition Mechanism". International Journal of Convergence Information Technology". pp1 -6. 2015.  ISSN: 1975-9320. 2015.

  • H Zhou and Ying Zheng,  ”Learning from Examples: A Genetic Algorithm Approach Tested In the Domain of Finite Automata Construction in the Proceedings of 2014 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering (AISE2014). Phuket, Thailand. January 11-12, 2014.

  • H Zhou, A Hybird Intelligent System for Stock Analysis Through Integration of Fuzzy Logic and Analogical Reasoning" The Journal of American Business Review: Volume 2.  Number 2: 10-17. ISSN 2167-0803. 2014

  • H. Zhou, Book Chapter "Modeling Stock Analysts Decision Making: an Intelligent Decision Support System Approach""   in Efficient Decision Support Systems: Practice and Challenges From Current to Future / Book 2. 2011

  •  "Automated Recognition and Composition in Dynamic Model Management."International Journal of Information and Management Sciences: Vol.l5, No.1.

  • "EduMaster: Automated Knowledge Engineering and Acquisition." The Journal of Computer Information Systems. Vol. XXXIII, No.3.

  •  "ARMMS: Analogical Reasoning Model Management System for Multicriteria Vehicle Scheduling." Annals of Operations Research. Vol. 38: 421-452.

  •   "Analogical Learning and Automated Rule Constructions." Journal of Computer Science and Technology. Vol.6, No.4: 316-328.

  •   "A Computational Model of Cumulative Learning." Machine Learning. Vol.5, No.4: 383-406. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

  •   "Adaptive Knowledge Based Systems and Analogical Reasoning." Advances in Computing and Information. Vol. 468: 314-323. Springer Verlag.

  •  "CLEER: Toward Configuration Assessment Logic for Electromagnetic Effects Reduction of Equipment on Warships.” The Naval Engineers Journal: Vol. 101, No.3.



Courses Scheduled in  2016

·         COSC 501 - Graduate Student Preparation Course

·         COSC 600 - Data structures and algorithm analysis


Personal Interests:

Golfing, playing bridge, reading and fishing



Major Accomplishments

· caught a Barracuda  of 48 pounds, known as "Tiger of the Sea", near Bahamas. 2003

·  Made 3 hole in ones in my golf career

·  Won North American Bridge Championship, Washington, DC. 1992

·  Won a Poker tournament for $48,000 in 2011



School is out,

Memories past,

Don't ever doubt,

Our friendship will last.

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